The Family Guy Theory

There have been many theories since it is believed that Michael Jackson hoaxed his own death, on June 25, 2009, for whatever reason.

Some of the more notable theories are:
  • The Witness Protection Program Theory
  • The Dog Autopsy Theory
  • The Double Theory
  • The Elvis & MJ Theory
  • The Movie Theory
  • The Illuminati Theory
It is as though every day a new theory appears. But finally a clue which makes sense has been formulated to a plausible theory to where Michael Jackson got the idea to fake his death.

It has nothing to do with Elvis coming back after 33 years it is to do with the cartoon Family Guy; in particular an episode entitled "I Take Thee Quagmire".

Wikipedia describes this episode as: "Peter decides to help Quagmire fake his death. He shows Joan a video of Quagmire being attacked by a ninja, a Nazi, a "pots and pans" robot, and the body being consumed by a dinosaur held by Peter (to the theme of Jurassic Park). Joan is unconvinced by the video. Peter and his friends then operate plan B, which consists of Quagmire pretending to suffer a heart attack and dying. Quagmire is buried in a coffin with enough oxygen to last him a short period of time so Peter can return after the funeral has finished and dig him up. Peter exclaims that Quagmire is not dead, and brings him out of the coffin, alive."

One scene in the episode is Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, and Cleveland Brown about to enter Quagmire's home to inform his wife that Quagmire is dead. Before entering Peter exclaims to Joe and Cleveland: "This may be the most absolutely perfect fake death in the history of fakes death."

And this is where the episode can seen to be a clue that proves Michael Jackson faked his death. Other than the main character talking about the perfect fake death, the three characters names are of utmost importance. Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, and Cleveland Brown.

Peter Griffin could be a direct clue to Michael Jackson seems he was often referred to as Peter Pan. Also noteworthy is that it is Peter Pan talking about faking death.

Joe Swanson could be a direct clue that the middle name of Michael Jackson is indeed Joe; and not Joseph. Meaning that the death certificate issued is indeed fake.

Cleveland Brown could be a direct clue to the Cleveland Orchestra which performed with Michael Jackson on the track "Will You Be There?" Which in turn could indicate that the hoax may be a long drawn out process.

Another clue which may have a bearing on the hoax but is not completely verified, or thought of as an exact science, is an anagram of Family Guy is "I Am Fly Guy" which could be a sign that Michael is the 'Fly Guy'. And having three children would indeed make Michael a family guy.


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Legal Notice: This post is satire poking fun at some of the thinking of the various theories surrounding Michael Jackson hoaxing his death. In no way should the idea be taken seriously.


anonymous 3 said...

Love the Joker and as far as michael's middle name goes......pff who cares. Don't think a person is officially defined by his/her middle name, lot's of other legal things come into order. But hey, i'm just anonymous...lol
Nice to see you haven't lost your writing skills doggie

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog. It is absolutley hilarious.
Please check out this thread from MJHD.net
Its about shape shifters, if you can believe it. And these people are serious.

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J. Mason said...

I can't believe I wasted my time reading this then watching the video. i figured i might as well comment on it... I mean...Really?

StarryGirl said...

Lol hahaha later micheal jackson is gonna be all like quagmire, saying he faked his death and nodding his head in quagmires weird way....lol thats gonna be the funniest crap ever

Anonymous said...

wow just wow

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