Shut The Fuck Up Souza

I was perusing the forums this morning to see if there was anything new - I knew it is a long shot but I did any way - and came across possibly the most disrespectful post from a forum administrator I have ever seen.

The topic is entitled "Important Videos: Info About Mind Control & Illuminati" and yes it is at the S&M Concentration Camp.

Personally I don't give a fuck about the nWo, mind control, and Illuminati but obviously some do. But that isn't the problem I have with the topic. The problem I have with the topic is how alleged lesbian Souza starts it:

"I think it's important to make this thread, because I feel we are focussing too much on clues and bamsdate again. Totally understandable after almost a year, but we must not forget what this is all about."

Oh come on you have to be fucking kidding. As the administrator of a forum that is titled MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH HOAX INVESTIGATORS you want to say people are losing focus by focusing on CLUES and BAMSDATE? Too fucking funny.

Because obviously a forum about Michael Jackson hoaxing his death needs to concentrate on Mind Control and the Illuminati.

But the real kicker is the dumb fucking administrator not only wants members to forget about CLUES and BAMSDATE she wants them to "not forget what this is all about."

Sorry to burst your fucking bubble Souza but clues would be a big thing. But Souza doesn't stop there. She just keeps on digging deeper and deeper:

"I selected some videos I found on YouTube that will get us back to the most important things about this hoax: exposing the 'Industry', Mind Control, Illuminati, deception, new world order, mass control etc."

So the most important things about the hoax are the Illuminati, nWo, and Mind Control? Well I'm just a stupid dog then because I thought the most important thing about the hoax was Michael Jackson. Not the fact of whether or not he is going to return but whether, no matter what he has decided to do, he is alright.

The first video, under the heading of "Mike's Message" the video is entitled "Michael Jackson Warns of 2012 Conspiracy?" has the following words spoken by Michael Jackson:

" I want to show them talent like they have never seen before so give your all. I love you all and we're a family, just know that we're a family. If we bring love back into the world, remind the world, that love is important, love each other, we're all one. Messaging, 'Take care of the planet'. We have four years to get it right or else it's irreversible then... we're done." - Michael Jackson

Well the most obvious thing from that video is that we are, according to Michael, safe in 2012. He did say FOUR YEARS. So unless This Is It was recorded in 2008 we are all good until 2013. So fuck the dumb cunts that read a Youtube video and thought the Mayans said the world would end in 2012 - which they never did, they said something about a period of time ending and a new beginning in 2012.

"Misinterpretation of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is the basis for a New Age belief that a cataclysm will take place on December 21, 2012. December 21, 2012 is simply the first day of the 14th b'ak'tun." (Wikipedia) So no end of the world in 2012 it would seem.

And from MICHAEL'S WORDS I didn't see any mention of mind control, nWo, or Illuminati.

Actually forget this post. If your still fucking dumb enough to follow the fear-inducing bullshit that the S&M Concentration Camp is putting out chances are you are wrapped in tin foil and will follow these two alleged lesbians and the bum bandit clown all the way up the yellow brick road they force you on. And, if Michael ever returns you'll have your head so fucking far up Souza's alleged lesbian ass you won't even know because you will be in some nuclear bunker by then fearing the very air you breath is controlled by the nWo.


Legal Notice: Souza and Mo have never confirmed their lesbian relationship. Tin foil has never been proven to protect from mind control - this is an urban myth.


Anonymous said...

I love how YOUTUBE is their great verifiable source of information.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I came for the koolaid & cookies. Uh, where are they? heh

Don't give me any souza koolaid neither. LOL

P.S....I forgot to say, great post & once again thank you for the laughs Oompa :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Souza is the biggest mind controller there is. It's comical how many people can't see what she is doing. Don't feel sorry for those people, they keep doing it to themselves.
What is even funnier is the amount of wasted time they have spent on this. Time they will never get back

WhatTheDeuce said...

I'm starting to believe that if Souza told those dumb fucks she calls members to jump off a bridge because the Anti-Christ is coming, some tards wouldn't think twice, LOL. I think it's hilarious that Smouza's followers accuse people of not thinking for themselves when it's really them who are swallowing every piece of shit those two manage to put out. And after all the disrespectful crap they said about Michael, I'm surprised some of them still call themselves fans!

Conspiracy, you're absolutely right. What do aliens, Lady Gaga and a bunch of other stupid shit have to do with MICHAEL JACKSON? I don't understand how people can't see that the Dutch lesbians + little Timmy are using Michael's hoax as a way to push their lunatic agendas down everybody's throat. They NEVER cared about Michael and they never will, and it honestly hurts inside to see his so-called fans supporting the most insulting theories about him. Ever since he died (or "died", or whatever the hell happened to him), everyone lost their fucking minds. Really, if you wanna lose faith in humanity, go read the Double Dong's forum and blog. These days I even have to avoid going there, simply because it makes my blood pressure go through the roof... *weak laugh*

Smouza, if you wanna talk about crazy shit, at least don't throw Michael's name in the mix, m'kay? And please put the bong down - it's bad for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, no need for the illuminati....the influence of music on the mind is already well underlined in Plato. He points out the influence of notes on the behaviour of human beings such as the music related to war. The flute played on a certain mode will draw people to war as if they were hypnotized. It is just a matter of knowing the right mode and notes.

Look also at India's morning and dusk ragas, at ragas attracting snakes....at mantras and dhikr which are mainly cutting the mental activity as it is designed to enter another state of mind. Not to forget the Gregorian chant or the low tones of the Tibetans.

And if you have a close look at Japanese gagaku music, the music of the Left and the one of the Right, you will find that it is closely linked with acupuncture and hence, the human body.

This is to be seen in many traditions.

ROFL said...

lol @ frenchie above ..

@1st commennt : I love how your TV is your great verifiable source of information.

Nothing to add , you people twist every words in the way you want them to be so
stfu hahahaaaaaaaaaaa i love stfu ..lmao!
And for the 10000+ time , I know about the illuminati etc since 3 years so before you say we follow and blah blah 3rd blah lol get your facts str8

Some people think he has faked his death for a movie & somes for other stupid reasons .. well you don't say nothing about them ? do you ?

and lol at your new banner

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy, I would like to email you something, what is your email address?

Anonymous said...

OMG dog, all this time when u'd bitch at Souza & Mo I'd be wondering "are they really that fucked up?"
Well today I got my answer, YES, YES & YES!

I think I told u b4 that I'm a medical professional & had done an autopsy analysis, apparently one of their pea-size brain members decided that she can just come along & copy & paste all my hard work without even letting me know & crediting me.
I didn't even have an acct with them, but I had to create one just so I could comment& let them know that it's my work.

long story short after many msgs back & forth finally the put a link to my blog but they also keep defending that little shit head who stole my work without letting me know.

All I wanted a simple line saying that I'm going to copy your stuff to this other page so people can read it.

But the little fuckers are so bold, no only they don't think they've made a mistake, they want me to thank them for making my work famous. if that's fame, get me a shot gun I don't want to live anymore LOL

now I know why u call that place "concentration camp" personally I think you were being generous.

Anonymous said...

HotIce you lied. It was the member "mykidsmum" who said:
"maybe you should thank Hazly for all the publicity rather than call her out."

Souza addressed your complaint exactly 31 minutes after you posted on the board including to edit the original post to credit you. This is her direct quote:

"If you are the one who wrote it, you should be the one credited. Can you post you blog address? I will make sure your link will be in the post."

Souza commented a second time an hour and 45 min later:

"If you don't mind sharing your info, I hope you will allow this post to stay. The information is very valuable and I can understand you are a little pissed off. I did edit the post to put up your blog: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=11011&p=183238#p183238)"

I fail to see how Souza did anything wrong. Surely you didn't mistake the post with the username "mykidsmum" for the username "~Souza~"... mmm?

Admin can't tell the members what to say or how to act towards you if they aren't breaking any rules. Just because the members are acting like assholes doesn't mean it's Souza's responsibility.

I don't get your logic. You have every right to be angry but don't tell lies about someone just because you're bitter.

Hazzely said...

So what the fuck is going on here?Are u keep trash talking me again Hot Ice?
Now I'm really pissed off, you keep bashing at me when I did nothing to you, so please explain me! SINCE WHEN IS THAT A COPY-PASTE WHEN YOUR BLOG WAS MENTIONED SO MANY TIMES DURING THE POST? What's more, I STATED THAT WORK WASN'T MINE, and how can you call that "plagiarism" when I also commented on some things and made some observations??

LEARN TO READ PLEASE! If you wanna judge someone for something they might have done you better investigate and read (in this case) the full post first right? I DON'T GET HOW THE HELL you even dare to say that ONYL AFTER YOU COMPLAINED ABOUT THE POST SOUZA PUT A LINK TO YOUR DAMN BLOG ON THE THREAD WHEN WAY BEFORE THAT, SINCE THE BEGINNING, YOUR PAGE WAS HYPERLINKED LIKE 4 TIMES. ARE U JUST BLIND?

You called me "little shit head" because of this, so don't you FUKING dare to talk about ethics and morals like you did on the forum and you keep doing it.

If I thought I was doing something bad when I took some of your info then I wouldn't have done it, you know? WHERE IN THE HELL DOES IT SAY SOMETHING ABOUT COPYRIGHTS ON YOUR BLOG? Since when do I have to ask for permission when that information is ON INTERNET, A PUBLIC SPACE. I never said that work was mine, so get the things straight!

I really think you've got a problem.



I'm done with this! I never get mad at anyone unless they really piss me off, which is what you did..I tried to be civilized and I always stayed calm, but I can't let you trash talk me anymore like this!

If anyone wants to see what REALLY HAPPENED then just go to


and be your own judge.

ROFL said...

word! @anon 7:74 PM

Anonymous said...

If you want to call me a liar because I'm not telling your version of the "troot" please go ahead, by all means call me a liar, I don't mind.
actually I don't except more from people who are consumed by NWO crap-ola!

But if u read back my comment, you'll see that I have not mentioned any names, or given any times pertaining to my correspondence. The only time I mentioned "Mo" or "Souza" was when I was referring to their website.

I didn't know that their names are sanctified & holly as to be mere uttering of their name would stir such controversy.

To Dog:

Sorry for making ur blog the battle ground ;) but I'm sure it's guilty pleasure u can withstand LOL

Anonymous said...

@ Hazzely:

ROFL...honey I never mentioned your name here, u were the one who ratted yourself out. I was being nice by not bringing your name up, but whatever if u feel bold in being caught red-handed, it's not my fault LMAO

Plus, here in America we call this freedom of speech, I can & will say what I please.
Ain't that great! under the same right you can bitch & moan about NWO & Illuminati shit & defend what you did to my precious work..
So quit whining !

Hazzely said...


ROFL said...

Shut the fuck up Hot Ice , with your "I don't expect more from people who are consumed by NWO crap-ola"

Haha with all your stupid drama , you don't derserve that they posted the link! I wouldn't have!now shut up and go complain somewhere else
wtf do you want ?

haha insane people , tell you lol

Anonymous said...

Just because information is on the internet does not mean you can copy and paste it. Copyright laws always apply unless someone says it is public domain. You still have to give credit when someone else originally did the work. The best thing to do is ask the original poster if you can use the info and to ask how they want to be credited. It will save a lot of headache in the future.

ROFL said...

Like you said freedom of speech , so if I want to comment I do , and if you don't like it deal with it hehe :P

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