TIAI Revealed As Bullshit

I said it a few posts ago that Xenogears, over at MJHD.NET, was one smart cookie and they proved it by digging in to TIAI and its creator Tim Simkin.

I actually have nothing bad to say about the whole thread entitled "S.T.U.D.Y Revealed" except a little bit of flower giving for the flu on page 2 but because of the overall quality of the thread I'll let it slide this once.

Then Anna K did a post on her blog entitled "What TIAI Is Actually About" which is a great read and really revealing. On Anna's post she mentions "I know lots probably will dismiss this post but I’m taking that chance. The truth is out there – if only people are willing to want to know it." and she is right.

For some reason the whole hoax has made the majority forget to use common sense. Information is given by some and instead of the majority looking into things they dismiss it because it does not fit with their ideals. I openly admit I dismiss lots of information regarding the hoax; but mainly for two reasons:
  • It cannot be verified or proven
  • It just doesn't seem plausible to me
Not the only problem I sort of have with the MJHD.NET topic, and Anna K's blog post, is that they were too nice to this Tim Simkin. This guy mind fucked a lot of people with his religious mumbo jumbo bullshit redirects. And the fucker deserves nothing less than to rot in hell seems he wants to be this fucking Charlie Manson wannabe and at the same time start playing mind games with people.

There are some young, impressionable, people on the various forums that fell for sick fucking game. These people may already be vulnerable because of dealing with various emotions. The last thing they need is some fuck playing with their heads.

Anna K provides a link to little Timmy's introduction PDF. http://www.s-t-u-d-y.org/1Introductory.pdf Anyone who wants to know for sure that this guy is seriously fucked in the head just needs to read that. It starts of with a little Bible logo and little Timmy uses 2 Bible quotes from the books of Timothy. How fucking egotistical do you need to be? Great start Timmy.

"It was not long after, when I was impressed that I had a talent for writing which could be used in the LORD’S work" What fucking Lord's work are you doing there Timmy? Where in your obviously fucked up Bible does your God say "Thou shalt fuck people over and deceive them"? What fucking Bible are you wannabe cult cunts reading now? One written by Jim Jones?

"Whether writing or speaking: I believe that my talent and calling is in the area of teaching doctrines" Teaching doctrines of what? Fuck off you are nothing more than a Jim Jones / Charlie Manson / David Koresh wannabe but without the charisma. And what religious fucking doctrine involves mind games and fucking with people?

"I have been called by GOD for a specific work" God? God said little Timmy go fuck with those investigating the Michael Jackson hoax death? Your God is seriously one fucked up God if that is what he wants you to do.

"From now on, though, you will need to send the donation to the Wenatchee address if it is for S.T.U.D.Y.—or else send it to my parents if it is for their ministry" What the fuck? Is this some fucking family business? The whole family go around fucking with people? Oh little Timmy I bet your parents are really proud of you. Did Daddy sodomize you especially hard as a reward for fucking with people?

"I have only received a small income from tithe of about $700 a month" Bet all your little cult friends are glad they gave you money so you could register websites to mind fuck people? They are either pissed at you right about now or just as fucked in the head as you so it doesn't matter.

"Whether you send tithe or offering: I will not take the time and money to send you a receipt, unless you specifically request one." Just so you know I did email a copy of this introduction to the IRS. And any of your followers, or whatever the hell you call them, that run across this are encouraged to call 800-829-0433 and check if their donation, or offering, was listed as it is a tax write-off.

To quote the Bible, Matthew 7:15, "Jesus said to his disciples: 'Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing,but underneath are ravenous wolves.'"

If there was a "Hoax Investigator of the Month" award it would indeed be awarded to Xenogears.


Legal Notice: Any religion that tries to fuck with people in any way, religious or not, deserves public ridicule.


Anna.K said...

I just spit out my water reading this. I knew I did the right thing relaying the info to you lol You do tough love so much better than I do.

Anonymous said...

I love you doggie! I have seen people live and die over these directs, especially when news in the hoax world is slow.

I find it funny that Mo and Souza who seem so anti-religious would support a religious nut who is using the hoax investigation to propagate his own agenda.

I hope this puts TIAI out of its misery.

WhatTheDeuce said...

I too read Anna K's blog post, which was great, but your 'approach' to this matter is more my style, hehe. Really interesting stuff. I'm glad this information is out there so the sheeple can read it and weep! Xenogears, thank you for finding the website. You sir, win the internet. LOL

"What fucking Lord's work are you doing there Timmy? Where in your obviously fucked up Bible does your God say "Thou shalt fuck people over and deceive them"? What fucking Bible are you wannabe cult cunts reading now? One written by Jim Jones?"

Hahaha, LOVED that. That's one of the reasons why I hate organized religion. It offers a way for creepy morons who believe / pretend to "do the Lord's work" to fuck with people's minds (or to literally fuck little boys, but that's another story). It's sad.

anonymous 3 said...

"Well somebody is waking up" like some Dutchies would say..lol
Went over to read the post Anna K., loved it, finally... was starting to choke and getting dizzy with all that TIAI crap..

I'm the sane one, I'm the sane one....there must be a God...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Finally! I hope from now on some people think twice before blindly following those redirects as the gospel.

I am just waiting to see a blog entry talking about "the illuminatu symbols" in eeeeevery MJ´s videos. Those are really entertaining, mostly for the constant ignorance showed on each analysis....one must have imagination to see demonic figures where there is a key holder....Dog help me!


Luscious Glam said...

I knew you were right about everything, that is the reason why i ever left the HOAX pages.
I come to read yours for all the latest info, because i know your never wrong.
Thank you for all your posts i enjoy reading them and i'm a fan :)

Anonymous said...

Oh God, Is he alive or isn't he...? I'm losing hope...

ROFL said...

haha Im glad I never believed in the TIAI redirects though ..
I never understantood anything he was saying anyway ROFL!
Fuck the trolls :@ LOL

Anonymous said...

Long time I haven't read TIAI, it is sooooooooo boring. After the second page,dozing off.

In fact, the whole hoax is going on the sleepy slope.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Michael Jackson hoax death. Whether he hoaxed it or is really dead, he will never come back.

Find the last speech of the Prince of Wales at Oxford quite interesting and similar to Michael Jackson thoughts. Worthwhile. Trying to link East and West in a common understanding. Not far from what could be seen at Neverland in a more outstanding and staged way. Moving on to change this world....

Anonymous said...

We know this has been a very long, tiresome and emotional year. Many people have lost faith and hope, and yet, we are so close.

Maybe he will come back this year, maybe not until next. We don't know; only Michael knows for sure.

It is quite unfortunate that many people on forums have taken advantage of people's emotions and vulnerability (about MICHAEL JACKSON) by selling crap or having Paypal donate buttons on their sites.

That is despicable!

People! Wake up! If you feel you want to do something nice -- start with your own family and friends; your churches, your schools, your local charities, or check out hospital and elderly home volunteer opportunities. Even TWO hours make a difference.

If you cannot budget time right now, then at least, if you want to donate money, then donate to a reputable charity.

I think Michael would appreciate that --Remember his charitable works all his life.

It is not always about the money; yes, it is needed to survive, but, it is also about what you give from your HEART.

Michael always did...

ROFL said...

yeah but it's sad people need Michael to help people ? Is Mj your God or something?
I don't need anyone to tell me to help , I mean if it doesn't come from your heart , then wth ?!
Though Im not saying it is bad , but ...:s

anonymous 3 said...

I agree ROFL. Michael is Michael and God is God.
If I read some of the threads or posts, I wonder if some day another Bible will be printed..rofl
Let's get real, the man was/is great, but just a mortal and a genius in his field like so many before him.
And it is really sad that people need him to realise that once in a blue moon you can decide to help someone else..... I love the man but hate the adoration of some people and adoration that all of a sudden is triggered by this hoax!!?? There had to be a hoax first before they put him on a pedestal??... pff. No wonder he felt trapped sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I think I've missed something...how was it proven that TS is Tim Simkin?

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