Welcome To The MJ Death Hoax

Just imagine you have come out of a 11 month coma and you start to look at all the news you missed. You go right back to June 2009 and find that the media has reported Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest. You watch a few Youtube videos concerning the reports and decide something is just not right. And you join all the others around the world that believe Michael Jackson is actually alive and faked his death for some reason.

You start to look at blogs, websites, and forums and eventually you have the misfortune of running across the S&M Concentration Camp.

Well if you did at the time of writing this article you would have noticed that the top of the list on the active topics is "President Told Aliens Are On Earth".

I fucking kid you not. I don't personally give a flying fuck what people believe with regards to the Illuminati, Aliens, and the nWo but what the fuck does Eisenhower and aliens have to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death? Absolutely nothing.

For fuck sake some Dutch lesbian cunt will make a ridiculous theory connecting the two, and then a fucking gay clown will jump up and start banning anyone who might even think about disagreeing with the Dutch lesbian.

The S&M Concentration Camp is trying to portray itself as a serious investigative forum in the whole hoax and yet this Illuminati conspiracy fueled shit keeps coming up. It has about as much to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death as The Sun has to do with actual real journalism.

No matter what happens in the next few months the S&M Concentration Camp will never lose the stigma of three main points:
  • The dog autopsy
  • Illuminati Bullshit
  • Selling their souls to The Sun
As I said I don't fucking care if people want to don their tin foil hats and sit and discuss how the Illuminati and nWo are taking over the world and have aliens in high power positions around the world. But there are forums for that.

You don't start a topic called "1001 Ways To Expose Gay Clowns & Dutch Lesbians" on a forum called 'Website Design For Beginners'. Same as you don't start a whole fucking forum about the Illuminati on a Michael Jackson Hoax Death forum.

Everyone should be contacting Sony, the Estate, the Jackson Family, and anybody else to say that MJDHI is disrespecting Michael Jackson more than any tabloid newspaper has ever done.


Legal Notice: The reference to 'Dutch Lesbian' does not mention either Souza or Mo so is safe for a change. The 'Gay Clown' comment does not mention Badkolo by name so that is safe. Actually there was no need for a legal notice; just wanted to point out the post did not tie Souza, Mo, or Badkolo in with lesbianism or homosexuality.


Ghosty said...

I love you Doggy!

Anonymous said...

Ok. You owe me a new monitor AND keyboard. Dr Pepper accident reading this one LMFAO



Anonymous said...

See? With crap like that going on, should it be a surprise that Amy, Mo, Souza, and Badkolo are all working together?

Think For Yourself,

The Cat

Anonymous said...

Man, these blog posts just keep getting better and better. That dog autopsy was a record low. I just hope and pray Michael Jackson comes back so all this bullshit can end! Well, that's not the only reason. I miss him dearly and as long as he wants to come back, I hope he does. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'll be enjoying these blogs. I hope you'll continue to post when/if he returns???

anonymous 3 said...

Hmm, they are not really doing Michael a favour, now are they?
Poor Dutchies... mind you, I think they look really good with their little tin foil hats on their little tiny heads..rofl
I honestly cannot understand that people with a brain in full working order (and I do believe the majority of their members have one) can buy all this and are stil buying it!!??

Anonymous said...

You never know after all! One of the names of Area 51 is Neverland.....

ROFL said...

You above stfu lol ,rofl , not everybody believe in the aliens or agree with everything being discussed there
Yeah that's freedom , it means you can talk about what you like
Dumbass stop hating and get a life :D LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

what the idiot lesbos are doing is making a mockery of all the people that believe their nonsense. From the looks of things, there are many who believe them. Michael is gone and they are wasting their time

Anonymous said...

"active topics is "President Told Aliens Are On Earth".

I just got to read it. That has nothing to do with MJ.

They keep extrapolating concepts and confusing people. I stay away from those topics.

You are right when you explain about the subjects discussed in different forums.

IMO, talking about alien hypothesis and US gov, nwo as the "message of Michael" is just out of context.


Anonymous said...

Doggy don't forget .net their theories are as nuts as the theories from the smouza forum.
MJ wrote his own amulance report, MJ wrote the flowerguy thanx note... more to come...

Anonymous said...

Ugh I am quite speechless: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8542
Very sane ppl over there...

Anonymous said...

And after trying to brainwash stupid people with the alien stuff, the dutch dumbs by now should be examinating Lady Gaga's new video to find Illuminati crap. I'm sure by now it should be a thread named "The Illuminati puppet strikes again"

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