Souza's Secret Diary Revealed

A package arrived today, which was odd seems I was not expecting anything, and what was inside was just pure dynamite. Inside was Souza's diary.

The diary was started on June 26, 2009 and the last entry is dated December 24, 2009 so I can only presume that she got a new diary for Christmas.

Inside the front cover of the diary it reads "The private thoughts and feelings of Souza" Below are a few of the translated entries from the diary.

June 26, 2009: "Just saw on the TV that Michael Jackson has died. I really don't care as I never was a fan of his. Saw the ambulance leaving Michael's home. Something didn't seem right. Why did the ambulance reverse so slowly? Why no sirens? Very strange indeed."

July 22, 2009: "Just got off MSN. It has been a long day. Spoke to Mo for ages; it seems like we really connected. She thinks like me and everything. I know I don't really know her but she is very sweet. Conrad Murray's offices got raided - don't think they will find anything there."

July 23, 2009: "Had a really strange but sexy dream last night. It was weird at points but I was watching a video about Michael in his gold pants, and as I was watching the video for some reason Michael turned in to Mo. I'm not even sure what Mo looks like but she is hot in gold pants. I wonder if she is a lesbian?"

July 24, 2009: "For some reason I told Mo about the dream. At first she seemed shocked and signed out of MSN. But a few minutes later she came back on and said she had a husband but she wasn't happy. There might be hope there yet!!!"

August 4, 2009: "MJHD closed today. LOL. Mo said that Amy had enough. Serves her right for banning us. It is good news for us though as more people will come to MJKit to look at the hoax about Mike. I can't get Mo out of my head. No matter what I am thinking about I drift off to Mo."

August 5, 2009: "With MJHD shut traffic went up a bit but that information pales into insignificance with the other news... Mo called me Love tonight on MSN. I said goodnight as usual and she typed 'Goodnight Love' I was shaking for about 10 minutes."

August 20, 2009: "Sony announced the release date of This Is It. I found it strange that the press release did not mention the fact that the Illuminati may be involved. Mo was really nice to me on MSN tonight. She suggested we could get more 'investigating' done if we met up. I of course agreed to it - but what should I wear?"

August 21, 2009: "Didn't sleep last night at all, not sure if it is nerves or excitement. A million thoughts were going through my head. What will This Is It contain? Will there be any clues? Would Mo prefer the red or the black thong? After a tiring night I got stuck with Badkolo on MSN he said some things which made me think he is gay."

August 23, 2009: "Met Mo for the first time tonight. She was all that I expected then some. We talked for hours and hours about Mike, the forum, and the Illuminati. I told Mo I thought Badkolo was gay and she said she thought he was too. When we parted I went to kiss Mo, I so wanted to kiss her on the lips but instead I settled for the cheek. Seems I didn't need to worry about the thong."

September 3, 2009: "Mo and myself are catching some heat for the dog autopsy theory. Anything is possible. Mo sent me some pictures in an email, I printed them out and placed them on my wall next to my bed. Mike's funeral was today."

September 7, 2009: "This Illuminati is very scary. I told Mo if she needed any where to hide she could hide in my bed. She just typed 'LOL' which brought a tear to my eye."

September 9, 2009: "Someone calling themselves MJHD Conspiracy mentioned in a blog that Amy is selling t-shirts. I read the blog because it picks on Amy - that will teach her for banning us. Strange thing is that Mo feels sorry for Amy. Maybe Mo would feel sorry for me if she knew that my heart beats for her."

Most of the entries during September to December still need to be translated to English so that they can be understood. Although one entry in October stuck out.

October 28, 2009: "This Is It opened tonight. But the bigger news is that Mo opened tonight. We were working on a theory and drinking some wine, and after a couple of bottles Mo leaned over and kissed me - and not just on the cheek. It was magic. She blushed. She looks so sweet when she blushes. It didn't go any further but I am sure it will."


Legal Notice: This diary was never delivered. There is no proof that this is the actual diary of Souza; although the subliminal ties with The Hitler Diaries makes it funny. This post is satire - if any of these events took place it is purely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

o.m.g on the red or black thong, lmao. Have I told you how much I admire your sense of humor? No? I do ;)

Where's my chocolate?

Anonymous said...

You are something else, Dog. You keep good notes. If ANYONE should write a book, it's you. ;)

P.S. Would love to hear what you have to say about "Barry Shaw." lol.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! Can't wait for the rest of the entries!

anonymous 3 said...

ROFLMAO ... I can see that Royal Dutchie frantically searching her home, tossing everything around, in her ungly pj's with her greasy hair hanging in front of her eyes, having an hysterical fit, screaming "where is my diary, where is my diary, WHERE IS IT??!!"
Bwahaha....we know, we know

Anonymous said...

Why are you putting so much time into spreading hate? Even if it's meant to be funny... it really isn't to those of us who know the truth. Get a life.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Why are you putting so much time into spreading hate? Even if it's meant to be funny... it really isn't to those of us who know the truth. Get a life."

Why worry about it? If you don't find it funny because allegedly you know the truth don't read it - nobody forces you to read it.

anonymous 3 said...

@Anon 11:44 AM: you should refrain from reading this blog if you have no sense of humour...
Humour is the spice of life and if you taste it it makes you see things in perspective.
I honestly think you're the one who should get a life or but things back in order...get over it.
This blog is not about hate, it's about venting seasoned with a good laugh....roflmao

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that many people don't realize that all Souza, Mo, and MJAlive999 are trying to do is push their NWO anti-American agenda and using MJ's name saying it's HIS message. Absolutely disgusting. They are not MJ fans but using his popularity to spread their political agenda.

anonymous 3 said...

Thank you, thank you anon 6:34 PM
Needless to say I agree. But this raises another question : why do they want to push that particular agenda...hmm, maybe indeed they're wearing little moustaches...
Just took a look at their forum...brrr..makes me shiver; everything, but I mean everything you read, hear, watch, listen to is taken out of proportion and been given a whole new meaning and everybody is following that line of thinking. Soon they will become a new NWO all on their own.....bwahaha ROFLMAO
IMHO the weakest links of our species is to be found amongst their members....

Anonymous said...

Then quit it! don't even watch it!

anonymous 3 said...

@anon 2:38
and why would I do that? Because...??

Anonymous said...

If people involved in the supposed NWO, Illuminati and mind control were really as powerful as people seem to think, MJHDI would have been gone a long time ago. Wouldn't they be watching the world vibe web for sites warning about how dangerous they are?

Anonymous said...

People, I am Admin X. I have helped create a brand new forum where everyone can express their opinions freely. It is refocused to the hoax and investigating. I would like you to consider joining. Check it out, EVERYONE is welcome, including you Doggy. Stop by, check it out.


While I don't really like what you do Doggy, you had a great idea for a forum, and we applied your ideas for as few rules as possible. Stop by.

Admin X

Anonymous said...

@ANON 10:59 Then stop complaining.Unless you like to contemplate pure shit...........and on top of that, describe it. All has been said about it.

Make you feel that PianoGames, maura and MediaHypeAgain are sheer genii.

WhatTheDeuce said...

"I told Mo if she needed any where to hide she could hide in my bed. She just typed 'LOL' which brought a tear to my eye."

Hahahaha! Oh man, I would PAY to see Souza's reaction to this post! Too damn funny. :D

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