How To Download Youtube Videos

Over at MJHD.NET, forum member TrueFan asks about downloading Youtube videos. The only reply so far is to use the website KeepVid.COM.

Now although KeepVid does a good enough job most of the time it is known to have issues when the KeepVid website is overloaded. So without further ado here is my method for downloading videos from Youtube (this is merely one method and I am not saying that it is the best method just what I do).

  • Install Firefox web browser (Windows or Mac OSX).
  • In Firefox install the add-on called DownloadHelper (Link)

That is it. You can now download videos in Youtube and a load of other video hosting sites.

A word on the Youtube formats when DownloadHelper gives choices.

  • HQ18 - 480x360 pixels resolution (4:3 ratio) recorded at 512 kbps.
  • HQ22 - 1280x720 pixels resolution (16:9 ratio) recorded at 2000 kbps.
  • HQ35 - 854x480 pixels resolution (16:9 ratio) recorded at 900 kbps.

By no means is this the definitive guide to using DownloadHelper & Firefox to download Youtube videos - merely how I achieve it. Also DownloadHelper will download a whole variety of file formats from other websites too.



Houdini's Ghost said...

On Mac you can also try MacTubes.


Anonymous said...

Same here. DownloadHelper Rocks!
I can only recommend it. Got the paid version a while back, been using the free version before that, and it's fantastic. Both version are! ;-)

Billy said...

Thanks for sharing. I personally use Keepvid.com and Wantyoutube.com to download Youtube videos. They're useful! Great article!

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