Google Logo Announced

In a press conference today Google announced a new logo which will be used. The logo incorporates the eye of providence which is so prominent in Freemasonry and Illuminati history.

The logo was uncovered at a private press conference by Google spokesman Scott Rubin. When Rubin took the stage at the Palm Springs hotel in California the speakers sounded "Fanfare For The Illuminati" a piece of music written by one of the original Illuminati members; Johan Simon Mayr.

"This is not merely a new logo it is Google's New World Order logo. This is the moment we have been waiting for. This is truly it. The sign that many have waited for - that the final steps in Google's world domination are nearing." said Rubin as the logo was displayed on a 24 foot screen behind him.

"Many have suggested, and guessed, that Google was part of something bigger - we now prove them all to be correct. But the one thing that they all got wrong is that Google is not merely a layer in some mythical pyramid but the very pinnacle." continued Rubin as the shocked media looked on.

Alex Jones took his place at the podium, on the right hand side of Rubin. "I told you this was coming but you wouldn't listen. I tried to tell you so you would be prepared but nobody listened. Now it is here, now it is finally complete - world domination through currency, media, technology, and politics. You thought I was warning you, how wrong you were, I was preparing you so that the shock was not so harsh. This truly is the end game."

When questioning started Rubin refused to answer any questions concerning Google's world domination and how they expected to run the world. But when questioned by Fox News host Glen Beck about what information Google held Rubin replied "We hold every bit of information ever created, we spent years pretending to be a search engine, pretending to gather data so that it could be found. In reality we were gathering information about everyone."

As the media looked on aghast at what was unfolding in front of them Scott Rubin and Alex Jones left the stage.

Google's New World Order Logo


Legal Notice: Scott Rubin is indeed a Google spokesman, but never took part in a press conference announcing the New World Order and Google's plans of world domination. Alex Jones has never admitted being an Illuminati henchman. All, or parts, of this post may be satire rather than real news.


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