Join The Army

No need to get your guns out, no basic training necessary, and camouflage makeup is totally optional.

Now is the time to say "Enough of all this dictator bullshit!" We can all complain about how a forum is run, we can all complain that the admin is a waste of fucking space, we can even complain that the other members are retarded morons with no right to waste oxygen by staying alive. But in the end where does it get you? Absolutely nowhere.

If you complain the thread gets deleted, locked, or comes completely overrun with people kissing the admin's ass and saying what a fan-fucking-tastic job the admin is doing and how they would one day like to procreate with the admin. If you complain too badly you are banned and your user name gets added to the list of unmentionables.

But complaining gets you nowhere. We already realize that some admins don't care about complaints unless it is one of their little minions that is complaining. So what can you do? Walk away with your head held high - no bitching or complaining on the forum. But just before you walk off remember that everything you posted on the forum is actually your "intellectual property" unless otherwise clearly stated.

There is at present (March 02, 2010) not any statement on the S&M Forum (legally you cannot bury the rules or guidelines in the middle of an unrelated forum or topic and expect people to obey them). MJHD.NET has no rule concerning ownership of information either. And out of all the forums checked out none actually have anything connected to the forum to state that information posted is owned by the admin.

So if you are tired of drama, bullshit, or dictatorship on a forum just simply PM a moderator or admin and ask that your account be deactivated or closed and that all YOUR posts be removed under the Intellectual Property laws that exist. The only way this can be got round is if a forum accepts anonymous posting where the post is not linked to a user name or email address which makes it identifiable.

At present if your post is quoted on the forum or anywhere else on the Internet it is considered to be used under the Fair Use terms. So if your post is quoted, although your post may be deleted the quoted version will, and can, remain.

Personally I suggest everyone start a blog, or a forum, and if you want to warn others, or just tell others about your experiences at certain forums, you have a platform to do so. Blogspot by Google, Blog.com, and Wordpress make things so easy (even a dog can do it).

Then join the army. No, don't head off to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or any other foreign country, join the Army of L.A.U.G.H. It is not a group, it has no Facebook, it has no Twitter, it is not on MySpace and there are no weekly meetings to attend. Army of L.A.U.G.H is merely a psychological thing - just basically saying "Hey I'm looking into a hoax death here, I don't need drama, I don't need bullshit, and I don't need dictatorship - I'm here to investigate and at the same time enjoy myself." You don't have to even sign up for the Army of L.A.U.G.H you just know you are in it by the way you feel.


Legal Notice: The Army of L.A.U.G.H is not a group, nor is it a militia organization. It is merely people being happy and enjoying themselves. In no way is it linked to Army of L.O.V.E.


Anonymous said...

HA! Ha! Ha! De plus en plus drôle.

Mmmmmm ouais, bonne idée pour enrichir mon blog, pourquoi pas!

Tosha said...


Anonymous said...

Can I still wear camo if I want to? :) I have no idea where you come up with this stuff but you are one funny fucker! I love it! LMAO

Angie The F 777 said...

Count me in! LMFAO<--my fav work hahahaha

Anonymous said...

YES! Now there's an army I actually want to be part of! The Army of L.A.U.G.H. is a brilliant idea - And even though you said it's "merely a psychological thing", I still wish you would create a forum for everyone who is tired of the crap and drama of the other forums...

Anyway - BRAVO! You deserve a standing ovation for this one, Conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

True. There's not much we can do if we dare to disagree with the Dutchies. The best solution really is to leave with your chin up and a smile on your face, and that's exactly what I did. I didn't post on any «I'm leaving» threads, I didn't start a fight - I just simply left. I'm not banned or anything, and I don't even give a fuck about my posts - Miss Sado and Miss Masoquism can do whatever they want with them...

This blog is where I wanna be, and laughing at the bullshit in this hoax is what I wanna do.

A proud Soldier of L.A.U.G.H.

Anonymous said...

you are sooo funny and i love your sarcasm....it was a looong time since i last read your blog but i love it and im glad i found it

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