WTF Is Double Dutch On About This Time?

Over at the Double Dutch Blog (aka Double Dong - because both are fucking with you) there is a post about how the whole theory has changed and lo and behold anything can make it in to a fucked up theory now.

Anyway the post goes on about how Michael was a victim of CIA mind control.

Firstly, where does Souza and Mo get off calling him Mike like they are best buddies or something? It's Michael, not Mike. You bitch about death certificates and various other legal documents changing his middle name between Joe and Joseph; yet it is alright for two drugged up cunts to call him Mike like they knew him? Seriously put the fucking joint down before you type.

The post then goes on to mention the various 'evidence' that proves Michael is nothing more than a mind-controlled drone of the Illuminati and CIA. And what wonderful evidence proves this?

A picture called "Alice In Daliland". It then proceeds to explain: "For those who don’t know the story, Alice ends up in a maze. We also see an 8, which can refer to an infinity loop and we see clocks again."

Now let me explain, Souza and Mo please take notes. Daliland refers to the artist Salvador Dali. And the reason for the clocks is because Dali did this great piece of art called "The Persistence Of Memory" which surprisingly enough had clocks in it. As for an 8 being an infinity loop you have got to be fucking kidding. Along with the '8' there is also a '3' so do you think that could stand for Pi? Maybe Michael was trying to say "I like pie."

If you are going to come out with these bullshit fucked up theories at least do your research first. Any brain dead monkey knows that Salvador Dali did the clocks picture - it is one of his most famous pieces.

No wonder the hoax is still alive. With two half-wit, drugged up, donkey cock sucking, motherfuckers like this leading the way Michael could hide on their fucking couch and still never be found.

Souza & Mo - Keep Off The Drugs If You Want To Investigate.



Anonymous said...

they are nothing but a couple of ugly fucking bitches with no life. Fuck them. i can clearly see why they spend all of their time on the internet with the bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual!

Diana Jean said...

Common Conspiracy, you gotta give them some credit.

Acording to them people who are under the mind control see "demons/monsters/aliens" And that's exactly what we see in the Thriller scene! They might be onto something, cause when I hear Thriller I think rainbows and puppy dogs. Doesn't everybody?

Only a mind control victom could ever think of "Demons monsters and aliens" while listening to Thriller.

Anonymous said...

thats some funny shit!!!! and true!! welcome back! please stick around....pretty please!!

Anonymous said...

what has astonished me having snuck over and read the topics on their forum is one badkolos posts speaking and having a go at members on behalf of souza and mo(thought his fairy wings had carried him back off to his magical hideaway..I mean he only emerges to donate domains to people you know)...but even worse than that, the bong brigade/love and light lesos souza and mo are running around deactivating the accounts of anyone that politely disagreed with them
and so rude to their members too
fucking hell its MJHD all over!

Talk about mind control cant the people on that forum see how totally fucked over they are neing by souza,mo,.bad and fucking Amy??
wake the fuck up you are all being brainwashed!

Ang said...

SMouza Medusa- Frutti Di Mare couple, i so hate them, esp Souza. She told me once- u r being jealous of my brilliant theory- dont remember which one tho- u cant think by urself...ehmmm...yeahhhhhhh LMFAO That bitch first set me up on MJHD-i got banned, then she banned me on her own forum! Can u imagine i even didnt know she owns it at first? Ahahaha. Anyway, i was sooo right bout them all.. i was like one of the very first members who got kicked off the forum LOL Amy The Queen of Dirty Diapers- if u read this- U can kiss my ass again! As i said before-gently! And Souza- u fuckin bitch, lick my feet, make them shining!
Regards for the author of this blog! :)))))

Anonymous said...

The mjhd investigators forum appears not to be working again. It was working yesterday, something going on again?

anonymous 3 said...

@Diana Jean : Im a horror and sf freak, so my first thoughts when a saw "Thriller" for the first time....woooow, coooool Demons, Monsters and Aliens, and I can assure you my mind is still in perfect working order (so my shrink assured me....woehaha). Puppies??!!......LMAO
@Ang: I so share your feelings about S&M....same happened to me. Like I stated before, they are really good at copy and paste and take all the credit for it
@Conspiracy: I got banned because I refused to see Michael as a mindless puppet... according to them I'm an ignorant who can't read...haha, I have 2 Bachelors and one Master Degree..my Profs must have been blind...woehaha
I'm a good person (so other people are telling me, in no way I would tell that about myself...lol) but I can't wait for them to fall flat on their ugly Dutch faces.... I won't pick them up (Djeezes, I need to see my shrink again..haha)

GYMBUNNY said...

everyone that disagreed with anything they posted had their account deactivated..but hey credit to Souza she said it loud and clear in the posts..your account is deactivated..holy shit lol even I was scared and I'm not a member!

they dont like attitudes on the forum. was the general excuse I read the same comment over an dover..but .aren't forums an open platform for discussion? isnt that the point of a forum?
How can someone be wrong and deserve to be spoken to so rudely over disagreeing with a theory>?
Are theories not just that? an idea? a maybe? not a fact? or have I got he wrong idea?

Most of the members on their are Michael Jackson fans so why are you all allowing such a disgraceful attack on his intelligence and him as a person to be used in disguise as a "theory"

best post was from someone who wrote" I knew it was the illuminati I could tellhe was brainwashed because he acted one way on stage and then zombie like off stage"
ahhhh what the fuck?

jesus you are all being brainwashed..dont you guys get it? and the ones that dont agree even nicely are banned?
whats that say to you guys?

I have always though Souza and Mo very intelligent and I still do...but I hate to see this kind of bullshit happening using Michael Jacksons name as the excuse

Anonymous said...

I didn't read S&M BS but time (Dali), space and the butterfly effect (8) remind me... The Chaos Theory. lol
Anyway here's some interesting material: http://www.youtube.com/user/LunaJo67#p/u/0/Oc0P7hV-Rh0

Badkolo said...

Thanks for the hits, we appreciate it.
I truly appreciate you spending all your time uncovering us.
I notice everytime you give it your all and make a new blog post are hits spike and for that I thank you.

There is a sucker born every minute and thank god we found you to help us. Time and time again you waste some prescious time out of your day to make a new blog and time and time again our site just grows and grows.

Your a genius by the way.

By the way didnt you quit, I remember a post of yours a few weeks back where you quit. Its hard to stay under that rock that is your life, isnt it.

Badkolo said...

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Anonymous said...

Badkolo, stop polluting this blog with your drug fuelled dribble...You are a cunt fullstop...We dont want cunts on this blog so go fuck your mommy instead as she loves you being a manwhore...One bit of advice...Stop shaving your manpussy and putting those pics on the net pretending it to be your face...Oh it is?...You have a manpussy for a face?...No wonder the shemales put their cocks in both ends hey...

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