Back Again - Shit Just Gets Weirder

You leave for a few weeks and when you return the whole MJHD / S&M / Andromeda saga just turns up the craziness factor.

So what did I not comment on yet?

Fuckfish decides to delete Andromeda's forum - Sorry, but who gives a fuck. The lying asshole lied about MJHD.COM being taken down. Who in their right mind with gives this Texan inbred fuckup administrative rights of a forum when you know what he did before?

Did the asshole hack it? No, he's too retarded to hack, and his Mom's pussy juice dripping down his ugly face means he would never see the screen well enough to hack. But let the little fuck in a phpBB3 forum with administrative rights and a couple of inbred clicks later it's gone.

Why let that useless prick on any forum? Aren't all the other dumbasses that welcomed him so happy now? Wake up you fucking morons. Once an asshole always an asshole. If you all plugged your brains in this cock-sucking ignorant bastard would not be on any forum.

The S&M forum (Not a fetish forum) - So Mo gets on her fucking high horse and starts bitching about having to delete threads which contain bizarre theories. Wait up, is this the same Mo that locked away with Souza, came up with the bullshit theory that "Where The Wild Things Are" film was somehow linked to Michael's faked death? Grow the fuck up! Other bizarre theories are no weirder than some of the shit you have pulled out of your ass. Forgot already that you locked a blog because it contained the correct answer? Dumb fuck.

MJHD.COM - It's Dead. Pure and simple. Does S&M own it? Does Badkolo own it? To be honest who the fuck cares which monkey-loving-son-of-a-cunt owns it. The three of them can have some sick orgy and erotically massage their own fucking egos. You ain't fooling nobody. You ain't no better than all of us that are searching for the answers. So take your heads out of your asses and remember what your looking for is the truth.

Mind control??? What the fuck are you taking you dumb drug-riddled fucks? Leave it alone. It's not that complicated. If you think that Michael was controlled and is now ultimately hiding from the Illuminati kiss all your other theories goodbye. Because if the Illuminati were as powerful as your making them out to be - he is never going to resurface to the public and media again as he fears for his life.

Make your fucking minds up. Either you have the answer to the question and know he is coming back. Or you think the Illuminati are somehow behind this and he'll never come back. You can't have it both ways sweethearts.



Anonymous said...

heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........welcome back,we waited for u...i already gave up the illuminati idea really soon after the beginning and like i always say:it wont be that bizarre then everybody thinks.....

i think its a more easy answer to all of this....

even when i am still very into illuminati stuff,i do not connect it with michaels case at all....

okay,hope this time u gonna stay longer in here....;)

Ang said...

LMFAO, u got the power! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I love you. Period.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Conspiracy!! I think everyone really missed your wonderful, yet witty sense of humor!! Glad you're back. Now get on with it - too much drama lately!!!! :)

The Illusionist said...

Hmmmm.wonder when people will realize the illuminati doesn't exist? lol

Anonymous said...

Andromeda said that the SW who deleted her forum was not the SW from .com on the thread at .net. Why don't people believe her? And SW didn't crash the first .com, he was only a moderator. *sigh*

Lorrie said...

Glad to see you're back and giving the profanity a real workout. It's a wonder I even dropped by on the very day you returned since I'd stopped visiting these parts.

As for your two latest posts, all I can say is apparently people will never learn, so what can you do if they won't do for themselves? Let 'em learn the hard way.

gymbunny said...

welcome back! Glad to see you have once again hit the nail right on the head.
And for all those who defended silverwolf when he lied and said he was not the silverwolf on Andromedas forum what are you all going to say now?
She knew it was him and went along with the fucking lies.

The illumniati theory is a frigging insult to Michael Jackson..now so called fans want to think he was that stupid he was brain washed into doing sybmols with his hands over his crotch in some weird arse illuminati cry for help....jesus!
The toothpaste /fluride/water theory whilst having some legitimate scientific background,had nothing to with how Michael Jackson acted lol,the twins(for fucks sake seriously)..then to top it all off lets not forget there was the dog theory lol..yeo the autopsy on the dead dog it wasnt Michael.

You fell for that now this...its BS its uinsulting to Michael Jackson and its crap.

Silverwolf.......you are actor of the year when the oscars come on I will be looking out for your face

welcome back again Conspiracy

3D said...

Welcome back to the far side of the morally and criminally insane. I was hoping you come back. This shit happening round here is just too ridiculous not to comment on. Exit Amy and enter Souza, Mo and Bakalo. This has to be a true story. You couldn't make this up.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Andromeda said that the SW who deleted her forum was not the SW from .com on the thread at .net. Why don't people believe her? And SW didn't crash the first .com, he was only a moderator. *sigh*"

So if Andromeda said so then it must be true. Well that's another mystery cleared up. No seriously, wake up and smell the coffee. How many times must you be lied to before it sinks in. And doesn't it even seem a little strange that Fuckfish's name is involved in TWO forums that went down? John Smith supposedly did MJHD as Fuckfish took over - coincidence? Come on the coffee beans are shaking and there is an aroma with your name on it.

Anonymous said...

Your back! Hurray!!!

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder when are you going to adress the situation... Thanks for the laugh, I needed it :))

anonymous 3 said...

Finally!!!! What took you so long... lol
Nice to see you again.
I still think you have a crystal ball... Mo&Souza's forum is down, from what i've read so far due to a virus...people have had virus warnings on their PC.
What a stroke of luck for the Double Dutch Team.. it must be a sign they are getting too close to the truth....woehaha
May lightning strike on their PC's and the voltage might set their brain right again, if ever it was rightly set to begin with...LMAO
Bummer for the members though....

Anonymous said...

Che fai? My name is Conchetta from Palermo and I own a bakery in the mountains of Sicily. A question to the Dutch girls: WHO DIED AND LEFT YOU BOSS? Read my lips:

Finochietti ( Bones of the Dead)
Brutti ma Buoni (Ugly but Good)
Cassata di Pasqua

Now what I wanna know is how two Dutch ladies steal my recipe for my old fashioned Sicilian Illuminati cookies and go on to say Michael Jackson ate a few and lost his mind? Who sent him these cookies laced with the dutch skunk weed? We don't play dirty in Sicily, you see the truck pulling up in your driveway, you know the cement is coming. In Holland, your shoes are made of fucking wood. LMAO!

I don't like when people fuck around with my recipes. My Illuminati cookies are a specialty for the Dons in my country. This low down Dirty Double Dutch team should stick to their own specialties like twisted banana cake and sharp cheddar cheese, they certainly cut enough of it.

I tell you no truer words than this: No one fucks with Michael Joseppi Jackson, scooza the language. He has associates from my country and no fucking cookie has the power to control his mind, body or bulge, unless she's a puttana. Frankie Dileo and Miko are big customers of mine. Funny they don't have a problem with my Illuminati cookies.

Maybe in the Netherlands this Illuminati means something else, this doominati and gloominati bullshit, but here in Sicily, it's a Christmas cookie. Eat one to many Illuminati cookies and you will be scratching your balls and shitting your brains out for weeks.
There is an old saying in my country: Some people who claim to know something actually know nothing and they are like a dog that doesn't know where to shit".

I am friends with the lady who said the reporters need to do themselves a fucking favor, they might feel better in the end. And if they go blind, well hey, what's the difference, they can't see the light of day anyways. We've got a dog with a good nose that can sniff out my shit, your shit and all the shit that is going on around here.

I salute you!

Grazie to the Cospirazione Blogger!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Michael Joseppi Jackson and the wooden shoes... classic! LOL!

Anonymous said...

LMAO...Silverwolf banned andromeda from mjhd.com, so why should she gave him admin rights?? This is so much BS here...you are the one, who misleads people mjhdc... Andromeda said, that it wasn`t the SW from mjhd.com... Think before you write asshole..

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