Why Are We Saving The World?

What the fuck is wrong with people? Michael Jackson fakes his death and all of a sudden a bunch of dumb, ignorant, fucks become tree-hugging hippies.

Get off your soapboxes. I didn't destroy the world. The world was already fucked up before I was even born. Yeah I do my little bit with recycling and not buying food and goods from the slave trade marketeers; but I'm not going jump up and down and shout "Save the World" because it is going to end in 2012.

Let us all relax for a minute, crack a decent bottle of chardonnay open, and look over this logically.

2012 only became important because the Mayan people said the world would end then? No. They never said the world ends they said the world starts a new cycle or some shit. And how many of you people who believe the world is going to end call yourselves Christians? Jesus or God, well someone in the Bible, said "No man know the day or the hour." So we have Christians believing in false prophets now. Shit just gets better and better. So we have to save the world and give up religion.

Dave Mustane, lead vocalist in Megadeth, sang in a song "The world don't want to be saved only left alone." Never a truer word said. It took mankind something like 10,000 years to slowly fuck up the world. Let's say that the world is 20 Billion years old, and mankind fucks it over like a cheap whore (purging it of minerals and all that happy horse shit). 10,000 fucking years to destroy the planet and we as loyal Michael Jackson fans have to save it in 2?

Shut the fuck up. It is not going to be saved in 2 years. All the nuclear shit around the planet will take thousands of years to lose even a small percentage of it's radioactive power.

So next time a Michael Jackson 'hoax death' believer walks up to you and starts babbling on about the Mayan prediction, God, Numbers, and the fact that Michael said we had to save the planet. Punch the dumb fucker to the ground; and then repeatedly stamp on their head until you see blood pouring from their mouth.

It is a nice sentiment and all that Michael wants his loyal fans to rally around and save the planet. And yes, everyone should do their little bit, but sorry it isn't going to happen.

And finally (I feel like a fucking newscaster now) what the fuck has 2012 and saving the planet got to do with Michael Jackson faking his death? Nothing. He didn't fake his death because 2012 was fast approaching. He didn't fake his death so that the world would be healed.

Michael Jackson, if one day you ever read this which is highly unlikely but if you do, you have to be laughing your little white socks off at all this retarded shit going on. Hell, if I was you I would stay in hiding and just keep watching all the drama and bullshit unfold.



The Illusionist said...

Will you marry me?

Anonymous said...

LOL true that little dog is cute i love when she is pissed off , so hot fuck!

anonymous 3 said...

I'm in tears now..... Gosh I'm so glad you're back Conspiracy, thought I was loosing it because everyone (well, not everyone, but most of every members on the sites I visit) seemed to be in awe....ooh, we must save the world and spread love and become an ARMY (?) of LOVE...pff
What's in a word, right?
Besides, I don't think Mo n Souza want to save the world.... I think they are 2 psychology students (you know, you can take up a study at every age... even at 125..lol), they are actually gardeners and planting seeds, experimenting, just to see what is starting to grow... And if they find something new... it's theirs for the take....

Anonymous said...

U're my kind of guy... the truth right between the eyes! I did miss U! ;)

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