Sniffing Out The Bullshit - The Video

First video about all the bullshit that is going on surrounding the forums about Michael faking his death.

Music by Go Home Productions - http://gohomeproductions.co.uk



Anonymous said...

OMG What a great flipping video!! Good job Conspiracy - too many lies, too many sheeple, too many half assed theories. I want some of what they're smoking though, got to be good to come up with shit like that! lol

geewhiz said...

Good video. Seriously, had he faked his death, would he have come up with so many theories or clues..how can you keep up? Numbers theory...Illuminati theory...TII clues...etc. It goes on and on and that forum had members posting the most riduculous assertions and they were brazenly promoting their YT videos and even their own forums! What the hell?!

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