Traffic Problems For S&M Forum

History repeats itself again.

According to the MJHDI (Michael Jackson Hoax Death Investigators) twitter, it claims:

"We're experiencing a traffic overload on MJDHI, we're trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!"

Does this eerily sound like some of the bullshit excuses that came from Auntie Amy and MJHD? What is next? Will we see a Paypal 'donation' button? Will we see a line of T-shirts from S&M? Will there be a premium membership to pay for?

It's all looking very similar to the shit that MJHD put members through. It had to happen. Souza and Mo let their over-inflated egos think they are the center of the whole hoax; so much so that they even started believing their own bullshit.

Well while they are down, here is an interesting point to consider. Who are Souza & Mo?

We have all read the details how Dr. Conrad Murray isn't actually called Conrad Murray, and his real name is stolen from a mass murderer who was executed in 2000 in the state of Texas; James Earl Carter (which incidentally is the same name as Jimmy Carter - ex-president).

So if Dr. Murray can just steal a name from nowhere; who is to say that Souza and Mo did not do the same?

A quick Google search of Souza and Mo brings up an interesting result. There is a King Mo and Jacare Souza involved in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). So we know that Fuckfish was never from Arkansas and was in fact from Texas; so who is to say that Souza and Mo didn't just steal the names to use?

It's a crazy theory; but no crazier than the idea that the autopsy results came from a dog. So apart form their word, which we already know cannot be trusted, how do we know Souza and Mo are really Souza and Mo?



anonymous 3 said...

Mo is short for Monique...
They are Dutch with children (don't know though if the're married...lol).
Talked to them in the chatroom a couple of times in Dutch and because I'm Flemish (=Southern Dutch) I could distinguish their vocabulary and expressions and sayings, coz they slightly differ from ours.(for some odd reason, Mo has been eyeballing me whenever I entered the chatroom and started talking Dutch to me) - Dutch = Northern Dutch + Southern Dutch. People who live in the Netherlands speak Northern Dutch and Flemish people who live in Belgium speak Southern Dutch because Belgium and The Netherlands were united once upon a time in history and then got divided, but the language remained. It is sort of like British English compared to American English..
Thought Souza lives in Amsterdam (she said she was ploughing throug the snow to Amsterdam or something like that). But i do believe they are Dutch..haha, I know they are Dutch, they are definitely not American nor British.....

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your humour immensely

Ang said...

Ohh gee..SMouza again.. I dont think they r married, 100% Souza is not. Who would marry that slippery warm? Besides, u dont get marry id u wanna only fuck! Right? LMFAO
All i know bout them is that they r fucked in their heads! Lying bitches with a mentality of a criminal doing dog-autopsies! I didn't help, did I? LOL

Anonymous said...

Monique van Boxtel (Mo) & Anouska Grundekin (Souza) from the Netherlands

Badkolo said...

The site is getting bombarded with lots of new visitors and they are switching to a dedicated server, No one expected the site to do so well.

Now there is a seperate issue with this site and MJHD.net. I already contacted my lawyer and he will contact the owners of this site, mjhd.net and your Hosting and registrar companies.

We will not allow you to blurb our names out whenever you feel like it and letting others post our personal info. A cease and decist will be sent out and suit for defamation will be started, I hope you have the resources to acquire a good lawyer.

You have this urge to talk about us and thats fine, you have that right, what you dont have though is the right to defamate us and expose our names and info.

Souza said...

May I remind you of the Content Policy of blogspot.com?

Personal and confidential information: It's not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information. For example, don't post someone else's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

We have contacted Blogspot as well as a lawyer and we advise you to immediately remove all the personal info from this blog. I don't think Monique and Anouska would appreciate it.


MJHD Conspiracy said...

Souza said: "May I remind you of the Content Policy of blogspot.com?"

May I remind you so far nothing has broken the Blogspot Policy. And as you stated information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet is fine.

Contact a lawyer, and Blogspot, I think you'll find as Blogspot is hosted in the US, the 1st Amendment will kick in.

Funny how everyone jumps on the "I'm getting a lawyer" wagon. No laws have been broken so have fun with that.

And as you have posted your first names on this very blog, that means it is now public information.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Badkolo said: "Now there is a seperate issue with this site and MJHD.net. I already contacted my lawyer and he will contact the owners of this site, mjhd.net and your Hosting and registrar companies."

I await your lawyer to contact Blogspot. As I stated in reply to Souza everything is covered by the 1st Amendment. It is merely opinion and that is covered. Enjoy.

Now if you really want me to dig you are going the right way about it. There is enough public information on the Internet. So I suggest you scurry off back to your hole before I start digging. Thanks.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Souza, Mo, & Badkolo - Just so you know I had a lawyer look at the whole of this blog, including code, and it is fine based on US law. Now if you read the Blogspot policy correctly it states it is governed by US law. So therefore as stated, the first amendment right to freedom of speech is mine and this blog has done nothing to break that freedom; or the Blogspot policy.

So keep fucking dreaming, grow up, and shut the fuck up. Defamation of character? You bunch of hypocrites are fine ones to talk about that. LMAO. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.

Badkolo said...

mjhd conspiracy your a joke and you know it, you will find out soon enough.

I told you I dont hide, my info is free for all, its not like your going to come and vist me, you wouldnt dare.

No one can do any harm with my info since I filed for bankruptcy over a suit so my info is free for all, but when a joke like you starts exposing these 2 girls info, well thats another issue.

I mean why dont you post your personal info for everyone to see since you like doing it to others, if not we will post it for you.

You do know that we know who you are right?? you do know this. RIGHT??

Either way I do finf fun in this, I find it funny that your life has no meaning, and we both know your life doesnt have much meaning for you to concentrate on others so much, as big as the internet is it also can be a lonely place. You have officially shown us all that loneliness is a sad thing.

TIC TOC my prescious mjhd Conspiracy TIC TOC

anonymous 3 said...

woehaha....some really bad karma floating around here....How is that good old saying again : What goes around comes around.... (or is it the other way around..hmm, anyway you all know what I mean).
You just don't disrespect people like that, sitting on your high horses and, what's worse, thinking you can get away with it just like that??
And when someone strikes back....you start crying like little babies and running to your lawyers like toddlers running to daddy...
I think you all should give Conspiracy more credit... do you really think he/she would have set up this blog just like that...? I'm sure he/she considered everything, even the consequences unlike some others I virtually know...rofl
Besides, with emotional leaches, attention seeking idiots like you, people needed a place to vent their frustrations..., never possible on your forum, because it's your way or the highway.
Take a sip of your own medicine and taste the bitterness....
Oops gotta go, ran out of popcorn....lmao

Badkolo said...

Thanks to MJHD conspiracy, this blog has made our site the number 1 hoax site on the net.
Please visit us like you love to do at

Anonymous said...

Badkolo better watch it, unless he wants to go to jail. All his marijuana obsession is on the internet, all over the place. He grows it at his house and probably sells it too. Not to mention all the other drugs he's using. Like class A drugs and so forth. What a sick fuck! His dick must be the size of small noodle, the way he constantly acts and goes about things. And most probably it's crooked, too. Ewww... think I'm gonna throw up...

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Badkolo said: "No one can do any harm with my info since I filed for bankruptcy over a suit so my info is free for all, but when a joke like you starts exposing these 2 girls info, well thats another issue."

OK, when are you going to learn to read you dumb fucking bankrupt cunt? Read the entire blog and when your fucking pea-sized brain takes it all in you'll notice I never actually put up any info about Souza and Mo. You come on here to biutch like some fucking retarded high school kid without even having anything to back it up.

Trust me, when I say this, if I was going to dig into their private and personal lives I would be putting up a lot more than just their names. SO why don't you fucking crawl under the rock your broke ass crawled from and come back when you actually have a valid point.

And as for the traffic you are more than welcome. I encourage people to go to the S&M forum. That way they can see for themselves what a fuck up it really is. As I say: "Hey, don't take my word for it, mine is just an opinion, go see for yourselves."

Badkolo said...

wow a big blurp in traffic once again. thanks mjhd conspiracy.

By the way I love ganka who doesnt, But me growing, nah not for me, my house is and always is open for all, never forget that, i said i dont hide and i dont.

If you would spend half the time getting ajob and a man that will actual not barf being with you instead of making claims you cant back up you wouldnt behind behind a pc crying all day.

Im here aeveryday, come visit.

Badkolo said...

www.icmag.com my favorite place

just like michael i love my ganja

Badkolo said...

You have helped us so much, the amount of traffic your bringing us is insane, we had to get new dedicated servers.

Im thinking about making you a special member at our site for all your contributions.
It is only fair that we make mjhd conspiracy a mod in our forum and chat, because anyone who goes out of their way to help us so much and become number one on the search engine deserves mod status at our site.

And since you think im kidding,
my name is chris olic
i live at 25-14 38 street astoria ny
i love smoking pot, i love video games, i love girls and getting laid, i love porn, techno music some michael, i have a 8 inch schlong and a decent build, im 6 foot tall, unfortunatly i dont grow pot but im sure it can be found, did you know medical marijuana is now legal in new jersey and california.
Anyway my mom always cooks so your all welcome to come over.

anonymous 3 said...

@Badkolo : you want some tissues dear?
Just love your chivalrous attitude...rofl
Any info out there 'those two girls' put it out themselves and if they are so conscious about internet etiquette, they sure should have applied it first because if they had, non of this would have happened.... use your brain.
Don't get me wrong, but you putting the info out here in the open that you filed for bankrupcy....maybe not such a smart move..., but hey it's your move, and yours only...

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Badkolo said: "If you would spend half the time getting ajob"

Sorry to inform you I have a job; hence why I don't live at home with Mommy - jacking off to porn while Techno music plays in the background.

So as I stated before take your broke ass back under Mommy's rock and come back with a valid point.

Anonymous said...

@Badloka, Souza and Mo: What you say on your website and your forum is a REAL lack of disrespect towards the name of Michael Jackson. You let your memeber insult the entourage (family, friends, children..).
Many thanks to MJHD Conpiracy for telling us the truth.

anonymous 3 said...

@Anonymous 10:14 AM : Wish I hadn't read your post.... can't get certain images out of my mind...have been throwing up ever since ...burp...pff excuse me...ROFL

Anonymous said...

What a wanker..

Anonymous said...

Badkolo said: "i love smoking pot, i love video games, i love girls and getting laid, i love porn, techno music some michael"

I think Badkolo is just a child/teenager. Or, maybe he is a pedophile if he is a grown man admitting to loving girls

Anonymous said...

lol,great to have u back.....:))))

where bugger is,the vultures aren ´t far...
so,then we will join their drama in the comments now in your blog?.....

gosh,i hope that they just do once us a favor,and keep out...or do they have to contaminate every place in the web?

one comment under that dog breeding page of Mo says:Best Bitch,Best of Breed and Best in Group....

oh....she loves to create webpages..

Anonymous said...

what the fuck badkolo you fat poofter where the hell do you get off saying Michael Jackson liked the GANJA?
fuck off dont even use his name in the same sentence as your own you lying son of a bitch

go back and shove your tiny dick up smouzas two faced domineering patronizing fat asses

Conspiracy..shoot the fuckers down..potwhores and mommys boys thats what the hoax has come down to right?

Anonymous said...

badkolo claims "I love girls and getting laid". Don't forget to mention how you like guys also and you like to take it up the ass. You bisexual FREAK.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that badkolo was stupid enough to tell us how he had to file for bankruptcy. What a dumbfuck. Who the fuck announces their private financial fuck-ups to the world?? And about how you love to smoke weed, complete with your home address and real name, so that if you ever go to apply for a professional JOB, your employer can do a simple internet search and find this website where you admit to doing drugs. Fucking GENIUS.

Anonymous said...

badkolo clearly has the mentality of a teenager...
he's trying to pull the old "Let me turn the situation around and make it look like MJHDConspiracy is really helping us with traffic! hooray!" ...when in reality badkolo is just hurting inside and has to leave a bunch of "RUB IT IN" comments that end up making him look like a huge fail.


Anonymous said...

jesus christ!
Pig riding bisexuals with glitter in their hair that buy then give away domains to people called silverfish and nightmare then pass it on to bong smoking dutch bitches/bulldykes that breed dogs and think they own the fucking internet,
Who then drum up bullshit theories and an attempt to brainwash heartbroken Michael Jackson fans from all over the world...by convincing them that their idol was a brainwashed zombie who could only fucntion on stage,could pass for a dog in an autopsy possibly died from dehydration because he refused to drink water due to being poisoned by fluoride


on behalf of most Mj fans a big FUCK YOU for defaming him

forget HITLER
fucking run!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Fucking GENIUS! Yeah... right... rofl...

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