A Small Rant

OK this post is for the supposed fans of Michael Jackson that follow the Twitter user @AsMichaelJoeSay (previously known as MJViva and AsMichaelSaysIt).

What the hell are you fucking retarded, monkey masturbating, inbred assholes think you are doing? You really think this basement dweller is Michael Jackson? You really that fucked in the head that you'll cling on to any dumbass that says they are Michael Jackson?

Let's be honest here. AsMichaelJoeSay has about as much chance of being Michael Jackson as Homeless Dave. Yep, it is that pure and simple.

And just before you all start with the whole: "I'll follow who I want. I don't care if this 400lb, 45 year old virgin, is living in their Mom's basement. It may be Michael." Think about it. Read all the stuff about what MJViva, AsMichaelSaysIt, and AsMichaelJoeSay has said in the past.

And while we are at it let us mention that this basement dweller is going to the chat room, on TinyChat, that Paris Jackson frequents. Does she acknowledge him? No. Does she even mention him? No.

Why? Because AsMichaelJoeSay is not her dad.

While we are mentioning a reality check can all the hoaxers stop asking Paris about her Dad being alive. Think about the reality of what you are doing. You are asking a child about her dead parent. Just because you feel that he may have faked his death don't make it factual.

You people following every fake ass wannabe Michael Jackson are not only giving the 'idea of of a hoax' a bad name but if Michael Jackson is alive (which is highly doubtful) he is looking at all you retards following a fake; thinking: "This is why I faked my death. These assholes are dumber than a box of rocks dipped in stupidity."

You can say I am no fan because I don't think every little thing that happens in the world is a clue. If I want easy breadcrumbs I'll go buy some Shake & Bake.

As usual don't take my word for it. Use Google cache and check what your wannabe MJ has said in the past. You all want to investigate something - how about investigating all these claims from fakes, informers, and all the other cockroaches that are claiming they know something.

Peace. (Just for old times sake)


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Standing ovation;-)


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