This whole post goes with the the theory that on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson did not die but faked his death for some reason. Whether you believe that or not really is not important. What is important is that the majority of the MJDHI forum do believe that. Bear that in mind while reading this post.

For those who want to translate the text in the image it is quoted below (under the terms of the 'Fair Use' doctorine):

"Welcome to Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators!

This is a Michael Jackson death hoax investigation website.

That is its purpose. Although Michael Jackson is loved here, and we feel aggrieved at the way much of his life has been scrutinized by those other than the people here, this was never set up as a fan based site, but one in which people are invited to forensically examine the obviously strange and discordant events of June 25th and beyond.

We are not here to find him.
We are here to speak up for someone who can't speak up for himself.
We are here to report all the shit that the mainstream media has ignored or mis reported.
We are here to support someone who needs support.
We are here to give members a platform to discuss this matter.
We are here for him and we will defend him to the bone.

We really hope you enjoy this web site, if you have any questions, please contact us.

With love,
Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators"

Doesn't look too crazy until you read it again. Then one sentence stands out.

"We are here to speak up for someone who can't speak up for himself."

Now remember this a forum where the majority thinks that Michael Jackson is alive. So, if he is alive why can't he speak for himself?

Let us not forget that a lot of the forum members think that Michael Jackson, himself, reads the forum. Strange that he couldn't give a flying fuck and actually comment.

Then we have the string of informers that alledgly are connected to Michael Jackson. You have TS, Front, Back, Ping, and Pong. Well maybe not the last two but give it time and they will be there I'm sure. So, why can't these informers, with all their inside information and knowledge, speak on his behalf?

They were both rhetorical questions. But the answers are: Michael Jackson doesn't read the forum which is why he has never commented. TS, Front, Back, Ping, and Pong know nothing and can't speak on behalf of sanity never mind Michael Jackson.

But the real question is this - If MJDHI doesn't think Michael Jackson is alive what is the purpose of the forum?

And while we are looking at the welcoming screen. Lets look at another sentence:

"We are here to report all the shit that the mainstream media has ignored or mis reported."

So, for the new MJDHI members that haven't actually investigated anything. Look in the archives. Souza and Mo (who was wise enough to get the hell out) worked with The Sun newspaper. Yes the same newspaper that actually came up with the phrase "Wacko Jacko".

And the final line:

"We are here for him and we will defend him to the bone."

Just ask anyone who is not brainwashed by the bullshit. Actually just look at the forum. The forum is not there for any other reason than to stroke the ego of Souza. If it was really all about Michael Jackson I'm guessing the Illuminati killing him would have caused the end of the forum.

Go look at the forum, if you want, read it, and decide for yourselves. Don't take my word for it, or the word of anyone else for that matter, investigate and discover the truth for yourself.


The official pong said...

Why do they defend someones bones?

Admin said...

The official pong said: "Why do they defend someones bones?"

I'm guessing by the time they have their pound of flesh, along with everyone else, there will be nothing but bones ... LOL ... I really have no clue.

ObjR said...

I can't believe there are still members left to that forum. I can't believe their insanity gets even higher day by day, fewer they get, crazier and more paranoid they become.

They think guests are there to watch them, illuminati, journalists, fbi, cia, csi miami lol.
If any member reads here and is really curious to know why guests come visit, they should know that forum has a good rank in google in MJ hoax search. Also, there are some (me included) who see them as a nut case study. I like to watch you sink in deep waters. Not because I'm a bad person, but because you, Souza and your few left members were very arrogant, rude, mean with every single person who hasn't fallen into your dominating, manipulating, UGLY personality and heart.

It doesn't matter if you her ass for 3 years, make one small mistake, show your personality a little and you'll see your punishment. They're all one big family...but in Souza's home, and she never forgets to remind this to her submissive poor minded sheeps.

Why don't you grow up a little and set yourself to your own home? Make that home your blog, your journal, your forum, your mind, anything. Or at least, pay a visit to others people home, where you are respected as an individual, where you are not afraid to speak, to feel, to be!

And maybe you should stop waiting for Michael Jackson. Maybe you should move on once and for all, you are totally screwed from this hoax by the way you act right now and I'm afraid you won't get any better if you don't realize where you are at.

You all say this hoax has changed you, turned you into another person. Yes, it's true. You have no idea how you look from the outside and it's not because you're a believer, it's because your expectations and frustrations ruined you and you seem to find no way back to your real life. It's like a drug, you believe it makes you feel better and for the moment maybe it does, but from the outside it looks bad. Very bad! You're going down!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing this issue, you must have read my mind.
The sentence "We are here to speak up for someone who can't speak up for himself" has always bothered me. Souza and the few members who are left always bitch about anyone who talks about how Michael would feel, think or act, yet they are going to speak for him. Are you kidding me? That takes a lot of balls. That has to be one the greatest insults to The King of Pop. If Michael Jackson ever read that statement I'm sure he would be disgusted. Anyone with half a brain would be.

Scream said...

It's beyond me how those anti-Semites with their posts full of links to Holocaust deniers and to Hitler speeches on youtube dare to claim that they speak for Michael Jackson. They are the people that he had been fighting against most of his life.

ObjR, if they think the "hoax" changed them, then it definitely didn't change them for the better, unless they were even nastier people before.

And Souza working with The Sun speaks volumes, she tried really hard to get her name into the news, and that's what the forum is about, it just didn't work the way she wanted it to work, she really thought she could control a tabloid single-handedly. She loves control, but the only people she can control are her handful of minions that are still left. And another part of her agenda is abusing Michael's name to spread her political and religious ideology.

Anonymous said...

Is TimesRemembered the only username Front used to post with? I guess not...


Anonymous said...

Bec = front

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32 you talk out of your ass!

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