Michael Jackson Stamps

Last night on Twitter @DLRodarte tweeted "How come there has not been a postage stamp with MJ on it? #LOVE and #PEACE"

I knew there had been a stamp, well a collection, but just could not for the life of me remember which country had issued them. Google provided the answer. The country that issued a set of eight Michael Jackson stamps was St Vincent (a Carribean island with a population of approximately 120,000). The stamps issued in 1985 look like:

Thats about as far as the conversation went on Twitter. But I was thinking about it today; and wondering why the United States Postal Service and the Michael Jackson Estate have not thought to do a set of stamps.

According to CNN approximately 51% of all Americans are Michael Jackson fans. Approximately 151,000,000 people. If half of them collected a set of 6 stamps featuring Michael Jackson that would be $203,850,000 in sales for the United States Postal Service (6 stamps at 45c x 75,500,000); and that doesn't even include the stamp collectors that are not Michael Jackson fans.

As for the Michael Jackson Estate they could use the set of stamps as an advertisement opportunity; possibly featuring the Bad album which is in its 25 year anniversary. This would generate sales of the 25th Anniversary Bad album.

The stamps could look like this:

With the set looking like:

And surely it cannot be forgotten that Michael Jackson was a citizen of the United States; surely it wouldn't kill the United States Postal Service to work with the Michael Jackson Estate to commerate an artist who is a worldwide icon.


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Fan or not.......the idea to lick his behind.....lol


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