Look Busy - Jesus Is Coming

A friend sent me an email concerning a set of 70 books that were found about 5 years ago in Jordan. With it came the obligatory links to various news items and discussions concerning the 70 books.

All the articles I found from the various links neither confirm or deny an actual date when the books were first created; merely they point to a time period:

"Initial metallurgical tests indicate that some of the books could date from the first century AD. This estimate is based on the form of corrosion which has taken place, which experts believe would be impossible to achieve artificially."

But, according to many, that is where the real mystery starts.

One of the photos shows a book made from lead, sealed with 12 lead rings, but to open and read the book you would need to break 7 of the rings.

And the reason for the mystery? Well, the Bible states there is a book which had seven seals:

"And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals." (KJV, Revelation 5:1)

And this book, that has 7 seals, can only be opened by Jesus. And in the book of Revelation he does so (Revelation 6:1 - 8:1) and when Jesus opens the 7th seal the whole Armageddon/apocalypse starts (Revelation 8:7 - 10:7)

Now from the photographs shown not all the books have the 7 seals:

And this is further mentioned by Dr Margaret Baker, a former president of the Society for Old Testament Study, who is quoted as saying:

"The Book of Revelation tells of a sealed book that was opened only by the Messiah. Other texts from the period tell of sealed books of wisdom and of a secret tradition passed on by Jesus to his closest disciples. That is the context for this discovery."

So if you believe in all the God/Armageddon stuff now might be a good time to start repenting your sins and all that. If however, you don't believe in it all now is a time where you might be proven wrong. Either way the discovery, and the consequent discussions, about the 70 books is definitely an interesting fact - and as many articles say these 70 books may be more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls; which were discovered in 1947.

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Anonymous said...

Dear God I didnt do what you think I did. I'm not lauLOLghing(Smiling)

MJHDC said...


Seems on June 15, 2011 the tests were completed:

"According to the Department of Antiquities (DoA), initial carbon tests to determine the authenticity of lead-sealed metal books billed as the greatest find in biblical archaeology since the Dead Sea scrolls have been “encouraging”.

“We really believe that we have evidence from this analysis to prove that these materials are authentic,” DoA Director Ziad Saad told The Jordan Times.

The tests, carried out at the Royal Scientific Society labs, indicate that the texts may date back to the early first century AD, at a time when Christians took refuge from persecution on the east bank of the Jordan River."

Anonymous said...

? So does this mean you believe in Jesuzzzz now? Just asking dont go and join a cult LOL. Smiling

MJHDC said...

LOL. I won't be joining any cult any time soon. And no it does not mean there is a belief in Jesus. Just exploring the possibilities. After all the Unholy Trinity is exactly that - unholy.

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