Loo And Placido

Imagine, if you will, a conveyor belt with some of the greatest music hits and music artists to exist slowly moving past two people. These two people pick the bits and pieces they want and seamless mix them all together to make one awesome mix.

The two people are Loo and Placido. Actually they are two musicians that make new music from old music. If the Beatles were available to duet with The Black Eyed Peas then it would of sounded very much like Loo and Placido made it sound when they mixed it in the track entitled "Black Beatles" which is exactly that - with a bit of Ludacris thrown in for good measure.

But imagine a line-up of artists including: The Beatles, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Queen, Kanye West, and hundreds of other artists all mashed together and spat out as the ultimate 2 hour mashup from Loo and Placido. Well imagine no more. Because about 2 years ago they did just that with the 2 hour mashup entitled "Electronic Popstar Killers".


But to say that these two artists are just a couple of great, and awesome, mixes does them an injustice. Time and time again Loo and Placido prove why they are the benchmark that other mashup artists try to reach; with mashup after mashup reaching millions worldwide.

Want more of Loo and Placido? Their website is LooAndPlacido.com.

And then look for other mashup masters such as Aggro1, Go Home Productions, Party Ben and many, many, more.


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