If Only Twitter Was Around

Over the last couple of years Twitter has been instrumental in getting news to people; from the Japanese tsunami to the recent London riots. It is possible to read the news on your Twitter timeline almost as it happens live.

Makes you wonder, well it made me wonder, what other tweets we would have seen had Twitter been around.

Imagine if God had Twitter. Instead of making Moses climb the mountain and carry two heavy tablets of commandments he could have just sent a few direct messages through Twitter; and if he changed his mind later he could have deleted a couple of them and written new ones.

And then, of course, if Jesus had Twitter instead of 5,000 people turning up with no food he could of tweeted "Big gathering tomorrow. Might want to bring some snacks."

And as time, and ultimately history, progressed it would allow everyone a deeper look into the people that have made the news over the last 80 years.

With Hitlers true intentions tweeted for the world to see maybe World War II could have been averted. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister at the time, may have read that tweet and tweeted back to Hitler: "I don't think so pal. Stick to running Germany." Thousands of lives saved thanks to Twitter. But alas it was not about so 62 million lives were lost.

Had Susan Atkins had Twitter Charles Manson could have been cleared of any involvement in the 'Tate Murders'.

Because if she didn't want Charlie to find out he obviously knew nothing about it. He could be free and President of the U.S. by now.

Could the Million Man March have been bigger? Possibly. Had Louis Farrakhan had Twitter back in 1995 it could have been the 2 Million Man March or even bigger than that.

Milwaukee police may have been able to stop Jeffery Dahmer just that little bit sooner if Twitter had been about:

Yet again lives may have been saved. The killings of Dahmer could have been over had he tweeted about killing. Not a smart move; but hey the guy ate body parts while working in a chocolate factory so he wasn't that smart.

And had Twitter been around in 2004 we may have got a better understanding of how Bill Gates' mind worked:

OK, that one is not so likely, but I do know of at least one Microsoft office that is running on RedHat servers rather than Microsoft servers; which I find that little bit odd.

Twitter, with the 140 character limit, may seem like a pointless tool in a society where you can send videos, talk with people across the world with video conferencing, and generally do a ton of other stuff may seem a little out-dated; but at the end of the day Twitter gives you the world in short bursts as it happens. And who knows; the next tweet you read might be a historic moment when the world looks back.


Dildi said...

I tweeted: "I don't like to burp in the dark" the other day and I thought that was both historic and a very funny tweet. I also deleted it since, cause sometimes I just get so uncertain. :S. I thought this comment was worth sharing. Was not it? Peeace. lol I was so funny again.. ahahah Peee-ce. Thats cool. :))))))Urinece.

MJHDC said...

Maybe in a thousand years from now alien lifeforms will look upon the fact that you don't like to burp in the dark; and with the introduction of the "No Burping In The Dark" law the whole of their civilization may be changed. That one tweet could shape the relationship between mankind and aliens.

Or maybe not. ;)

Dildi said...

lol. Maybe a few weeks later I burped, some cherries will fall off the trees somewhere on the other side of the world. :)

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