Jermaine Tweets Life Not Death

OK I know I'm blocked by the greased wonder but today he tweeted some stuff worth mentioning.

"Mother is also guided by private discussions with Michael. Trust me, a mother knows her son...better than anyone (inc executors)"

So does it mean Michael is alive? It came from Jermaine, who was the only Jackson to deny that Marlon used a Twitter account, so who knows.

But as Katherine Jackson is a Jehovah Witness she doesn't talk to the dead.

Jehovah Witnesses believe that when someone dies "the dead are not conscious of anything they are like in a deep sleep. They can not see or hear or move or talk and that no part of us lives on. So Jehovah's witnesses do not believe in life after death.Until Jehovah through his son Jesus will one day bring this earth back to his original purpose of a paradise, when he will also bring back all those who have died to life in that new paradise earth."

Even the official Jehovah Witness website covers the subject:

False religion has left many confused as to the whereabouts and condition of the dead. Heaven, hell, purgatory, Limbo—these and various other destinations range from being incomprehensible to being downright terrifying. The Bible, on the other hand, tells us that the dead are unconscious; they are in a condition best compared to sleep. (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10; John 11:11-14) Thus, we need not worry about what happens to us after death, any more than we worry when we see someone sleeping soundly. Jesus spoke of a time when "all those in the memorial tombs" would "come out" to renewed life on a paradise earth. (John 5:28, 29; Luke 23:43)

Wikipedia states:

Jehovah's Witnesses believe death is a state of non-existence with no consciousness. There is no Hell of fiery torment; Hades and Sheol are understood to refer to the condition of death, termed the common grave. Jehovah's Witnesses consider the soul to be a life or a living body that can die. Their hope for life after death involves being resurrected by God to a cleansed earth after Armageddon. Watch Tower Society publications teach that humanity is in a sinful state, from which release is only possible by means of Jesus' shed blood as a payment, or atonement, for the sins of humankind.

So if Katherine is truly having "private discussions" with Michael Jackson - there is no way he can be dead.


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Legal Notice: I have no religious belief. The opinions in this post are from the official Jehovah Witness website and Wikipedia. Non believers chew on that.


Anonymous said...

I think at this point only a naive moron living under a rock would not have at least heard of the possibility of MJ being alive. I mean, my God, a simple search on the internet or YouTube alone will literally lead you down the yellow brick road to the Wiz. I'm more interested in the "why" and "when". Quite frankly, I think nearly 2 years is an awfully long time to have to wait for those answers. If the past is any indication of the future, I doubt the trial will provide much of them either because that would be too expected by the masses for his style. If anything, there appears to be no sense of urgency at all so whatever it is, it must not be critical, life threatening nor an imminent danger to society. To the contrary, the longer this thing strings out, the more most of us are now inclined to believe it is nothing more than a scam to make money. I would love to be proven wrong but I can't help but wonder... If there were to be a comeback, how would Mr. Dancingshoes like it if we kept him waiting on stage for 2 or more years before we showed up to see it? Insulted? Let down? Dejected? Disappointed? I know a lot of us who are feeling all of these things now. Oh I "beLIEve" he's alive alright. I'm just not so sure I "beLIEve" this is for a real cause anymore.

Anonymous said...

Gee HNN I could become quite pious after reading these last two blogs 8D

Happy Easter, and eating the ears of the chocolate rabbit first are the tastiest morsels.

Anonymous said...

yeah, some of the things jermaine tweets sound odd. but it seems he's in two minds. one minute he's talking about michael in present tense then today he tweets several times about michael being dead and there IS no hoax. personally i think either he doesn't really know what's going on regarding michael's 'death' or 'someone's' told him to say there's no hoax cos he was giving too much away.
also it's weird how teddy riley's suddenly stopped talking about michael. i know he's busy on tour and korea right now but he's been silent for a WHILE now.
i have an idea about what's going on but until the end of the may i won't know if i am correct. i'll have to wait and see what happens.

WhoeLettheDogsOut? said...

Mr. Dancingshoes might be weird, but he is not a fool. He knows very well that noone would appreciate if he came back after 2 years just for the show. There must be much bigger reasons behind.

Anonymous said...

I think that if Michael were to have faked his death, there are only a few people he would have made aware of it, I believe Kathren would be one, but I'm not so sure that any of the others in his family wouldve been told. I love all of my family, but I wouldn't involve them in something like this. My mother would know so to ease her pain.

Leyla said...

"@LucyLovesMJ the truth can hurt. I ask you to consider how hurtful it is for family to read tweets saying Michael is alive when he's not"
From Jermaine...So what he means is that truth can hurt...so when he says that it's hurtful to read that Michael is alive,does he says that Michael is indeed alive ? Weird

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