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With numerous calls to boycott Sony it would appear that Michael Jackson fans are forgetting who has the rights to most of Michael Jackson's music. The simple answer, thanks partly to the deal by the estate, is Sony.

So whether you believe Michael Jackson is dead or not you want to see his legacy go down the toilet?

Its not just boycotting Sony. You have to boycott every news item, documentary, radio station, and music video that Sony get money from. That's right - if it has Michael Jackson in it at all chances are Sony are going to get money from it.

So the next documentary on CBS or NBC about what happened on June 25, 2009 will contain music from Michael Jackson. But nobody is going to watch it because Sony will be making money from it? Bollocks. Every hoaxer in the world will be watching it to look for clues, slip ups, and any inconsistencies.

And the Sony boycott is happening now? Because obviously before June 25, 2009 Michael was in love with Sony and everything that they stood for. You all rushed out and watched This Is It at the cinema, or bought the DVD, which Sony made after buying the rehearsal footage for $60,000,000. Didn't want to boycott Sony then? Why? Sony was OK when it released This Is It?

In the cinema alone This Is It made $71,844,424 as gross profits. Check the IMDB company credits for This Is It (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1477715/companycredits) notice any name on there that looks familiar? Sony. Yes, good old Sony made sure the movie went to every country in the world and that every Michael Jackson fan could get their grubby hands on the DVD.

So let us imagine for a few seconds that the boycott is successful. Is everyone going to congratulate themselves for killing the legacy of Michael Jackson? Because his music sales are going to plummet, TV ratings will be almost non-existent for Michael Jackson related items, and slowly but surely the name Michael Jackson will disappear to pages in a history book.

To be honest, who gives a shit if Sony is making money. If it wasn't Sony it would be another record label. If The Jacksons had never left Motown you think Motown records wouldn't be trying to make money? Of course they would. It is what the music industry is all about. You think Michael Jackson would of put his heart and soul into his music if he was getting minimum wage? Would he hell.

And while you are campaigning for your boycotting of Sony, look at your CD collection, look at your tape collection, hell you could even check your 8-track collection. See any Michael Jackson items in there? Sony made money off of that too most likely.

I'm not defending Sony, but they are a business, their whole plan is to make as much money as possible. It is what they have done for years it is not anything new. Back in 1991 when Michael signed a contract with Sony worth a billion dollars there was no boycotting mentioned. And yes, Sony has made money, but don't you think Michael Jackson made money from these deals with Sony too?

And when CD sales and official music downloads are at an all-time low, the estate signs a deal for $250 million. Even the top artists of today aren't able to pull those deals off; so yes Sony are being Sony and making money any way they can, but at the same time Michael Jackson made money from the deals, now his mother, kids, and various charities are going to be making money.

Oh, and finally, for all those doing the boycott, don't go to www.michaeljackson.com, or follow @michaeljackson on Twitter because surprise surprise both are owned by Sony. (http://www.networksolutions.com/whois-search/michaeljackson.com).


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Legal Notice: None required for a change. Also this post is an opinion and satire.


Anonymous said...

And the answer is, you got it all wrong, my friend!
The Statement "..fans are forgetting who has the rights to most of Michael Jackson's music. The simple answer, thanks partly to the deal by the estate, is Sony." is fully WRONG and I would advise you to inform yourself before posting such things, which do only contribute to further spreading misinformation, confusing people and sending unnecessary $$$ to Sony's pockets!
(well,unless you are on Sony's payroll of course ...)

Sony has NO rights on MJs songs, MJs songs are part of the MiJack catalogue which contains MJs own music, and this is not owned by the Sony/ATV company, but by MJ himself and managed by Warner Chappell (the publisghing arm of Warner Music Group, one of the other major labels and competitors of Sony).

Sony had distribution (!) rights till 2011 to many of MJs old songs, that was the deal. Branca extended that now for the old songs.

Distribution is not the same as publishing rights (copyright)!

It's amazing how people do not bother to inform themselves before starting to write on some issue ...

MJs partnership with Sony translates through the Sony/ATV company, where MJs part was that catalog (Beatles music) and Sony contributed some other catalogues that were property of Sony at the time of the merger. THAT Sony/ATV has NO rights however over MJs music itself, it basically deals with lots of great artists, OTHER than MJ!

It's a damn complicated story, my friend!


The estate has nothing to lose, the risk goes on Sony ... they signed the deal for being allowed to distribute some of Michael's music and for that right only they'll pay the 250K, if they don't manage to make the cut, it's their problem :-)


d.o. said...

Hear, hear! I never did understand that "sony is evil" crap. It's just a record company for fuck sake. Blind following, even if it is of MJ, was never my cup of tea. Sure, we should listen to him, since he is a very smart man, but NOT if it excludes thinking for ourselves. This is what screwed up most of religions, and what is screwing up the MJ fanbase.

That's what bothers me the most about the MJ fanbase I think. People thinking that since an MJ quote matches their opinion in some form- then it must be true! Or just jumping on bandwagons while quoting MJ, since then that makes it alright. They misunderstand him, which is very damaging.

Anonymous said...

from whoislookup:

Created on..............: 1995-10-04.
Expires on..............: 2011-10-03

So michaeljackson.com is from SONY since 1995
If he ever wanted to get rid off Sony entirly why would he let Sony host his fanpage/website?
Even when he had that shit going on with Motolla?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous, who wrote all the things about Sony not having any rights to the music. Did you look at the contract? Read the press reports?


"The deal, for about 10 recordings through 2017, will guarantee the Jackson estate up to $250 million in advances and other payments and offer an especially high royalty rate for sales both inside and outside the United States, according to people with knowledge of the contract who spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to speak about it publicly.

It also allows Sony and the estate to collaborate on a wide range of lucrative licensing arrangements, like the use of Jackson music for films, television and stage shows and lines of memorabilia that will be limited only by the imagination of the estate and the demand of a hungry worldwide market."

10 recordings of old tracks? I think not.

By the way I don't work for Sony. Or I would never have put the 'CBS' logo for the 'O' indicating the corruption in the music industry. But like the post said, if Sony didnt do it someone else would.

Anonymous said...

What you have stated may be true but it's not all about boycotting Sony cause they are making money,it's about using someone elses voice to portray MJ!The fans are being decieved!

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