Various People Speak About The Hoax

To finalize the short series of Famous people that have discussed the hoax on this here blog.

However some of the people either didn't reply or their reply was so short it wasn't worth a post all of it's own. So here are the ones that nearly got away.

Joe Jackson: "Michael is alive. I know this. We just looking after his kids; like we look after Jermaine's kids. Hell, this wrongful death lawsuit that is just a scam for money."

God: "Michael Jackson? It is Sunday - I am resting. Call my people and we'll arrange something."

Elvis: "Look man, Michael faked his death. I gave him some pointers but that is it. No double bamsday. I'm too busy with my show in Vegas and working at Wal*Mart."

Jermaine Jackson: "Of course Michael is dead. It is my time now. I can step out of the shadow. It is Jermaine Jackson time!"

Tito Jackson: "Where is my taco?"

Sigmund Freud: "Michael Jackson did what he did as he has 'mother issues'. All of his actions can be traced back to that."

Larry King: "He's still dead you know. But seriously he is alive. Hey do you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, Buzz, or LinkedIn?"

Pearl Jr: "He's alive. Did you buy my e-book? No wait, wait, let me give you the link."

Rick Astley: "LOL. He's just rickrolling you big time."

Michael Jackson: "Am I alive? Of Course I am silly. Hee hee."

Souza of MJDHI: "Michael who? It is all about the Illuminati. They control us. They control all of us."

Badkolo of MJDHI: "He's alive. But I'm only in this hoax for the 'Gold Pants' threads."

Maura: It's not about Michael it is about his message. He is not important it is all about the message."

LadyMedic: "Dead or alive? Don't question me. I am qualified. Whatever I say is right. Don't question me I said."

Lara of MJHD.NET: "I'm sorry Lara is not here right now. If you would like to leave a message please speak after the tone."

Kate Gosselin: "Well, with Jon out of the picture I'm looking for a man. Mike And Kate Plus Eight has a certain ring to it."

Cuss Count: NONE

Legal Notice: None of these people, other than God, actually spoke to me. This post is satire - well sort of. It is very broadly satire. Some may class it as drivel.


Anonymous said...

LOL from parkay from the west side

mjjveritas said...

I'm with Badkolo on this one!

Alem said...

I had to LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You forgot about SCBI-stillcantbelieveit. I know Michael is dead,but I can't tell you why or who I am. Just trust me, I can bring you peace!
Someone needs to find out who this person really is!

LadyMedic said...


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