What Forum Covers Michael Jackson?

So I just took a look at the active topics at the S&M Concentration Camp. And it is still pretty fucked up over there. Alright the gay clown seems to have taken a back seat, and Souza is her usual bitchy self. But the topic of Michael Jackson seems to be missing which is just fucking crazy when you consider the forum is that of Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators. Seriously, over 50% of the active topics on the first page of active topics concerns the nWo and all that bullshit.

Now I'm not saying that the Illuminati is non-existent, I just don't think they are as powerful as they are made out to be. But that is beside the point when the forum is meant to be about Michael Jackson's hoaxed death.

The active topics break down to this:

14 topics - New World Order/Illuminati (56%)
11 topics - Michael Jackson related (44%)

Now I know Souza has said in the past that she is not a Michael Jackson fan, and that is fine, but when more than 50% of the topics don't relate to Michael Jackson when it is entitled Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators things start to seem as though something is not right.

Looking at the facts as presented by Souza's twisted view is that the Illuminati is all-powerful controlling the world, its governments, and everyone in it. And this has what to do with Michael Jackson? Absolutely fuck all. If this alleged powerful Illuminati wanted Michael Jackson dead he would be dead; there would be no hoax. So either the bullshit they keep spewing about the Illuminati is just that - bullshit or they think that Michael Jackson is dead. You can't have everything both ways. 13 families controlling the world but unable to kill one singer, no matter how famous he is, or the plain fact that the Illuminati have absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death.

Which then leads to the question - why is the Illuminati mentioned so much on a Michael Jackson Hoax Death forum if they have nothing to do with it? The answer is easier than it looks. The answer is because the Illuminati conspiracies actually make Souza's theories look like they actually have some sound basis. Its the old trick of hanging around with ugly people so that you look better. Nothing could make Souza's theories look better than a bunch of bullshit about some fossil fucking bankers are controlling the very food you eat, and if you think that you have a thought it is because allegedly they are controlling your mind too.

So without further ado, on behalf of all the sane hoaxers, and investigators, I hereby request that Souza renames the site and forum to NotTheMichaelJacksonDeathHoaxInvestigators or NTMJDHI so that the people that are following the hoax, and investigating it, do not get tarred with the same brush that they are some Dutch lesbian cunt on drugs shoving the Illuminati down everyones throats just to make their own half-baked ideas look more respectable than they really are.

Cuss Count: Low

Legal Notice: The fact that Souza is on drugs, or is a lesbian, has not been confirmed. But as Souza has stated on her forum that is not her real name legally I can say what I want about it as it not a real person. This however does not mean that I fully believe Souza is merely the alter-ego of Mo.


The Seeker said...

MJHD Conspiracy, I want to say something. First, you do seem to try and make people see things, but I want you to know I think you are too harsh and focus on the wrong things. I am about tough love, but you are all about hate it seems.

Now about this post. I agree about the Illuminati topics. That said, you seem to think that all people should discuss on an MJ hoax death forum, is Michael Jackson. The thing is, "clues" are going to slow down. People are going to stop having new evidence to go over. And with that, people are going to want to discuss different things.

Besides, everyone needs a break from hoax hoax hoax. I think it is more productive to have some off topic threads to help relieve the stress of constantly investigating.

One last thing. You really seem to want to spread hate, not peace as you claim. You mgiht try cutting the crap, and just telling it how it is.

The Seeker

Anonymous said...

How do you know Badkolo has taken a back seat??

Anonymous said...

I think they should just rename the site POINTLESS because that it what it has become.


Anonymous said...

The Seeker, if you believe Doggy spreads hate, then you spread sh*t. Back to kissing Souza's stinky ass please. Let us breath fresh air here, we're tired of mjdh forum members and your so called love crap. Bunch of sickos intoxicating us everywhere.

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