And They Warn About The nWo

While I was researching something completely non-connected with this post and blog someone sent me a direct message on Twitter to have a look at a forum topic at the S&M Concentration Camp.

The topic was entitled "TIAI Update #6: Michael & Elvis, Double-bam This Summer?!?". I remembered seeing this shit before so didn't bother reading the same fucked up shit once again. I sent a direct message back thanking them but I'd already seen it. Then about five minutes later I got another direct message, from the same person, saying to read section 6-10.

I'll be honest I was thinking of saying fuck it and turning the computer off at this point. I don't follow the TIAI bullshit because in my opinion it is merely that - bullshit. But out of curiosity I went and had a look at section 6-10. And the truth of the matter, which is posted by Tim Simkin (TS) at the S&M Concentration Camp is TS basically admitted to mind fucking all the people that follow the fucked up bullshit known as TIAI.

"For your information: I am familiar with the STUDY website. Does this mean that it is me, my website? Maybe; or maybe it’s someone I know; or maybe that website was used as a decoy. Regardless of which is the actual case: you are being tested, to see whether you can unbiasedly assess evidence based upon the evidence itself—and not on who the evidence came from, or who you think it came from, etc. Many are failing the test, and they didn’t even know that they were being tested. In fact, there is no better way to test people, than to do it without their knowledge; then people act natural, and don’t try to make themselves into something artificial. Does it make any difference, whether you pass or fail this test? Good question; but I won’t give the answer to that right now."

Didn't know they were being tested? So it was a subconscious test? And if it is a test that people have not agreed to that would mean it is an experiment. Oh the fucking irony of it all little Timmy, the hypocrite minister, is treating all the followers of TIAI as fucking lab rats. What next? He'll be getting you to try different shampoos in your eyes and recording the results.

And then we have the almost classic "But I won't give the answer to that right now." line. Where has that been heard before? Oh yeah the alleged lesbian Dutch cunts gave the same bullshit with the movie theory. You have to fucking laugh. History repeats itself and the retarded sheeple line up like whores when the fair is in town to take a good old fashioned fuck up the ass. Maybe the S in S&M stands for Sodomy.

So the Dutch cunts, or cunt if you follow the theory that Mo is nothing more than a figment of Souza's twisted, overactive, imagination, are going to allow little Timmy to manipulate the forum members without their knowledge? Thought that was what the Resistance Army was trying to stop with the Illuminati and nWo.

Seems Hypocrisy is ruling at the S&M Concentration Camp.


Cuss Count: High

Legal Notice: If you get fucked once in the ass and you wait around to get fucked in the ass again you deserve it. Maybe TS should change his name to KY.


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe it... “It is a characteristic of all movements and crusades that the psychopathic element rises to the top” Robert Lindner .... ☮ vetlyco

Anonymous said...

hey, i didnt kno u started to post again!
very well done you, i found out just now!
glad you're back, missed u!

Anonymous said...

Nice slander with no proof of the facts, or evidence to back up your Satan fouled mouth language and garbage you spew. Have you ever considered the possibility that TS is Michael? How would you feel in the end if that turned out to be TRUE, LOL..
you are being tested, to see whether you can "unbiasedly" assess evidence based upon the evidence itself—and not on "who" the evidence came from, or "who" you think it came from.

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