What Went Wrong?

It has been a little over a month since I stepped away from the bullshit. And stepping back in the only question I can really ask is "What the fuck went wrong?" Nobody learned anything. And the same fucktard cunts that were fooling the people are still there fooling the same dumb fucks that follow them like they are some fucking new-age prophets.

What the fuck are some of you people thinking? Souza starts a spam campaign to get the whole fucked up Elvis and MJ shit out to the media. And you follow her every Nazi-style command like it is fucking gospel. You forget that Michael Jackson had a major problem with the very trash media that Souza is trying cover the whole fucked Elvis and MJ double Bamsday theory. But let us remember it isn't about Michael Jackson it is about whatever fucked up theory Souza is spoon feeding at the present time.

You all forgot the dog autopsy theory? And the almost infamous movie theory which was so correct the blog had to be locked until it was time to share with the world? Where are those theories now? Down the fucking toilet with all the other shit.

Back on August 16, 1977 Elvis sat there watching a young Michael Jackson perform "We're Almost There" on TV and decided that he would fake his death and wait 32 years for young Michael to grow up and eventually fake his death so that they could have the fucking comeback to end all comebacks. Whatever fucking crystal ball Elvis was using to know that Michael would reach superstar status and fake his death - I want one of those bastards just for a couple of minutes. Trace Elvis' genealogy back and you'll most likely find he was related to Nostradamus.

Well it was on the S&M Nazi Concentration Camp so it has to be true. And if you take a little wander over there you'll see that there are some fucked up people going along with that shit.

But it is not just the Nazi lesbians that are fucking with people. Just take a look at Youtube, Twitter, and the forums to see some shit of proportions so large it could of ended the oil disaster weeks ago.

Staying with the S&M Concentration Camp you have Souza almost kissing little Timmy's ass as he puts the TIAI links to her Nazi-style forum. And who is Tim Simkin? Some religious minister (separate from his Mom and Dad's ministry if you want to send a check). So we have some fucking bible thumper who is meant to be against lying and that sort of shit putting links about Michael Jackson lying to the world. And yes Michael is lying - he faked his death. So little Timmy hits the category of fucking hypocrite. ("Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight." - Proverbs 12:22)

Youtube is just as bad for getting sheeple to follow any bullshit that is given to them. Leachcim Noskcaj. Come on you have to be fucking kidding me. How can anyone believe this fucking shit? Michael fakes his death and makes sure there is no physical trace - including security tapes - as evidence. But in a clinic he gets videotaped and it is uploaded to Youtube by 7 friends helping him. Seven friends, it has to be a fucking clue. Number 7 yet again; how could anyone doubt this? Because if you pull off the greatest hoax the world has ever seen you don't allow it to be jeopordized so your seven alleged friends can upload it to Youtube.

Twitter is the official home to more Michael Jacksons than a Michael Jackson look-a-like competition. Any fucker can be Michael. And no you don't need to prove you are really Michael because there are thousands of monkey-fucking idiots willing to follow anyone who claims to be Michael Jackson. Don't worry about the logical idea that Michael is not going to give up the hoax so he can tweet to some dumb fuck "I LOVE you more." it isn't important. The name says Michael Jackson (well actually it will say something like m1ch43lj4ck50n) so it must be Michael. And hey there are lots of Michaels to choose from on Twitter so don't just follow the first one you find. You have choices. Get selective. See who tweets the most bullshit before you pick which Michael you are going to follow. Hell if you are lucky you might even get Michael singing.

The forums are full of people who since June 25, 2009 have become legal and medical experts overnight. I'm not talking about the people who actually know their shit; I'm talking about the dumb cunts that read one article online and now they are commenting like they have a PhD or something. Take your fucking GED and go shove it up your ass.

And then we have the crazy fuckers that have nothing but they need their 15 minutes of fame in all this shit. You have people like the screaming banshee Maura. Ask for proof and she has none. Call her a cunt and she'll scream at you for 15 minutes (I was told it was 10-15 minutes, I muted her after 2 minutes).

But why are these fuckers crawling out the woodwork at every single opportunity? Because dumb fucks give them the attention they desire. Souza would fuck off back to her lesbian love shack if people stopped following her crazy ass theories. Youtube would be MJ-related bullshit free if people didn't fall for the lamest fucking shit going. Twitter would revert back to normal (well normal for Twitter) if people didn't follow every lobotomized fucktard that pretended to be Michael, a friend, or an informant.

So the long and short of it is that the hoax community created these fucking egotistical monsters; so you have to deal with them. And you will have to deal with all the others that will come because they want their 15 minutes of online fame. And as long as people are willing to feed their fucked up egos they will come.


Cuss Count: Very High

Legal Notice: This post is pointed only at the people that it concerns. If you want to bitch about it then you obviously fall into one of the categories mentioned. And really you shouldn't be bitching because you are one of the fuckers causing this shit.


Anonymous said...

Thank you doggie for pointing out the hypocrisy that exists. All media is B.S. but people are using the media (forums, twitter,etc.) and trying to get media attention for their own glory.

People were vulnerable and want so bad to believe the MJ is alive that they will follow and believe anyone claiming to be or know him. You think they would have learned by now, but I don't know what else could be going on. And we spend so much time and energy being pissed at non-believers that we just look more silly. We are hoaxers-we are in the minority and look like nuts to those who do not believe. That comes along with being a hoaxer. Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

I dont usually cuss but I have to say this is

SO fucking True !!

love to all_ even the ignorant _ Qbee :)

Anonymous said...

i love you. great post!

"lobotomized fucktards" good one. LOL

Anonymous said...

good one dog !!! really ! souza, mo, bow, itsall4love, leachim....b.s.
i'm a believer, but i'm very tired of this shit. but, you know, insanity is everywhere
go on with your blog !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Such a good post Doggie!!!

Yes, Leahcim/s is/are the last of a long row. Fear that it is not finished yet. Wait, the next trend could be the Akashic Records and Edgar Cayce. Just in case the Leahcim/s could not bring back Michael from the Brazilian bush, could be a good exist to be given to the gullibles awaiting.

But as usual, I find them so rotten classic in their delusionnal attitudes. Not one ounce of creativity. Thought they could play better their role games.

Such as to be in the trend, had some inspiration from the King TutAnkhAmun exhibit in New York. A good replica of the sarcophagus from Las Vegas Luxor gallery. Brazilian LeahciM, as a brillant impersonator there, would have no trouble to get one, and perhaps slide in it unles he prefers the job done by MediaHypeAgain! The rest of the show would be Maura as the goddess Serket (you know the Scorpio goddess, she is so good with her own venom, swearing).The three others could some of her dedicated followers. Wait for the resurrection scene. Michael or Jonathan....

Next, just laughing at the belief that Michael would go to a Brazilian bush, infested with mosquitoes, maffia and guns....

Alive....wanted to make a hoax and get rid of everyone.....Bhutan is the best place. Will fans have enough courage to fight the visas (hard to get), the 300 dollars a day to pay in tax for staying,the 20 days ride one way to get to the Eastern Monasteries, Dzong and various caves(that makes forty days back and forth, so you see the amount to pay already), the roads that are turning and turning again in the mountains with the empty void next to your side and, oh , I forgot the lack of water and people speaking English....plus the religious security awaiting you if you are not wanted with the Bhutanese version of base ball bats (they call it there strong compassion, well they'll bring back people down to earthly things... with love).

Forgot to say....Michael left a clue.....his beads mala on the bed....never saw it....even on the autopsy records...too bad! You're too late!!!

Army of L.A.U.G.H.

Anonymous said...

There is a big clue in Mo as Michael Overseas or Micheal Oversees (it all), your choice.

Even more Mo/aka kyechu on twitter is another clue. Kyechu Lakhang is one of the most important temple of Paro in Bhutan.

Well, with all that, a staying at 300 dollars a day is not much.

And by the way, can't wait to see Maura and her three priestesses to make their invocation prayers and incantation around TutAnkhAmon's sarcophagus. Would be so much fun!!!

Kyerangtso la!

Army of L.A.U.G.H.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!! Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed reading your blog had a goooooooooood laugh there...

The hell with Mo&Souza, Maura, Pianogames and you naame it.. If someone really faked someones death then let it be..

Keep it coming and thumbs up to you :-)

Anonymous said...

wow...so many ugly words.... stop cursing...pls.. there is a better way to say things. and Mike wouldnt want to see it... if you love him then stop it. its not his agenda. TY! #love #peace

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "wow...so many ugly words.... stop cursing...pls.. there is a better way to say things. and Mike wouldnt want to see it... if you love him then stop it. its not his agenda. TY! #love #peace"

Firstly the guy you are referring to is Michael and not Mike; unless you think you are some sort of close friend of his. Secondly I don't love him. Respect and admiration are completely different. Thirdly I have no idea what his agenda is but somehow you seem to think you know. Fourthly ... aww fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

Anonymous said...

LOL...."Mike's" hoaxies swear all the time...hypocrites!

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