Abortion For The Sake Of Michael

Over at MJHD.Net a topic caught my eye. It was entitled "I Can't Bring A Child Into A World That Doesn't Have Michael". I'll be honest I thought one of the flower brigade had seriously lost the fucking plot for sure. I pondered for a moment the possibility of one of the flower brigade actually reproducing and shuddered.

But luckily it was not one of the flower brigade. Seems it was some other crackhead on Yahoo Questions; who asked:

"My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and I finally found out I was last week. But now I am just so sad over the loss of Michael Jackson that I don't even think I can bring a baby into this world. My husband says he understands and supports me but I don't think he understands fully. I want to abort. I want to abort right now because Michael Jackson has died. Should I tell my husband this? I don't want to sound crazy. Will he support me?" - Angela Angelasonk

I am glad to say that the flower brigade agree with my sentiments that this Angela is a complete fucking loser and needs some help. But obviously ridiculing Angela would do nothing as she is most likely too mentally retarded to understand sarcasm, wit, and insults.

So I donned my 'Agony Aunt' hat and decided to offer Angela a more constructive answer.

Dear Angela, I am not sure who you are or how old either you or your husband are but I want to help. It would seem from your question that you have some issues which may never be resolved but let us not forget we are talking about a child's life. What the fuck is wrong with you? Your husband is going to support you? Both of you make a strong argument that prospective parents should indeed be tested to determine eligibility. Even considering aborting a life for such a fucked up reason means neither of you should ever be allowed to reproduce. Spreading weak genes even thinner is not going to help the world in any way whatsoever. Because Michael Jackson died you think your baby should be aborted? What if your mother had thought the same thing as she lounged in her double-wide trailer because John F. Kennedy had died or Elvis had died? Your dumb ass would not be here to consider such a retarded thought. Let us get down to basics here. What the fuck would Michael Jackson have to do with your child? Seriously, what bearing would he have on the child's life? I'm pretty sure that the child has just as much chance of surviving whether or not Michael Jackson is on this Earth. Think about how many people died while you spent 9 months in your mother's womb. If the entire world took your point of view nobody would be alive. Everyone would have stopped having babies just in case someone they knew, or admired, died in that 9 months. You say your husband is supporting you. I'm pretty sure he is as fucked up as you. Does he have a clue why you want to abort a life? If the answer to that is yes then you both deserve each other. If, on the other hand, he is unaware of why you wish to abort I would suggest that he has you committed to an asylum for your own sake. But while considering your option to abort you should first consider why the fuck you didn't use some sort of contraceptive before getting yourself knocked up. Because if you are willing to consider abortion for such a ridiculous reason there are doubts that you ever really wanted to get pregnant. Was it a case of your husband was possibly going to leave you and you thought you could tie him down by getting pregnant and now the reality of being responsible for a life has you shitting yourself fucking silly? Obviously your brain is not wired correctly so the possibility of thinking may not be possible, but have you ever thought what Michael Jackson would think of such an action? You say you are doing this because Michael Jackson died but in all honesty I feel you are only considering such action to cover your own stupidity and the excuse that Michael Jackson died is merely that - an excuse. My advice to you is to have this child adopted. Then get yourself and your husband to the nearest hospital and make sure neither of you can ever think of reproducing again. That way you can rock your trailer each and every night without the worry that you may have to take responsibility for your own actions. MJHDC

People often wonder why Michael Jackson may have faked his death. With fans like this it is not hard to see why.


Cuss Count: Low

Legal Notice: Although it is not illegal for some people to reproduce there are cases much like this which act as evidence that it should be.


Alem said...

Well said!

Chantelle M.L Jackson said...

good grief the woman must be severely mentally derenged O_o Michael would Not be happy with that at all he see's children as precious and if she was any kind of fan she'd know that & thus want to have the child & bring it up in a loving manner which he would! C.Jackson

Ceci said...

Ha ha like the last sentence there doggie. I'm glad YOU have 'BAMed' and came back. LOL

neanie2000 said...

And another sad part to this story mate is the fact they tried for 2 fucken years to fall pregnant...jeezz...crazy nutters mate....

Anonymous said...

What I am made aware with this hoax is how quite a huge amount of people is totally fucked up. That's a real disaster.

Was the hoax purpose to expose the insanity of many? Wondering...

Adoption seems the best solution. If not,in what conditions this child is going to be raised? In any case, not like Prince, Blanket or Paris.

End of a whole civilization, no one wants any burden or responsability any longer. Such was the fall of the Roman Empire....Panem and circenses.

Anonymous said...

You know what. Please look back over your lives and if June 25 2009 is still the worst day of your life, either get help or just wait until you live more of life and you will see that that is not the worst day of YOUR life.

Anonymous said...

If this case is real, you're right, it's crazy and sad.
But did the question come to your mind: "Our friend the Dog, is writing something like that, something very hurtfull , just to show us that we are ALL ready to believe what's written on the web, especially here, where we have so much fun with mad stories...."??? We only had some more or less "infos" here since a while. Some were right and described in very funny ways, other were totally wrong but made has if it was the truth , just for fun ( with legal warning at the end of them). Now I wonder, who's fooled, to show we're weak when any disturbing new is around... It sounds real, but I feel, aspecially here, that COULD be a joke... no offense, Doggy!
Friendly hug to all, mad bug to the others.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why this world needs shrinks.

Anonymous said...

here is my animation movie to pay a humble, naive and peotic tribute to michael jackson. Hope you will enjoy it . Greetingd from switzerland. Va en paix (peace, in fench)


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