Selling Out Michael Jackson

We are heading into 9 long months since Michael packed up his single sequined glove and disappeared. In that time more and more people have come out of the woodwork to try and make money by either trying to destroy Michael's reputation and legacy or just making money from his name.

Each day the list grows longer and longer. Day by day more and more vultures jump on the bandwagon wanting their pound of flesh so to speak.

Amy Sampson
- On June 25, 2009 (So as not to raise the whole June 23rd controversy again) Amy gave us MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com. Along came the store selling t-shirts, the PayPal donate button, and premier membership. Nothing screamed "Making money for diapers" more than this money making wench from kangaroo land.

Ian Halperin - On July 14, 2009 Ian gave the world the book "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson". Hopefully, soon someone will give this fudge-packing asshole AIDS. In his book he claims that Michael was gay. This coming from some shit-shoveling faggot. Sure he was. And Roger Rabbit was really a hare.

Jermaine Jackson
- So many dates to choose from. This greasy fucker has tried more than anyone else to make money off his brothers name. Two failed tributes, a TV series, and almost 10 million interviews later all Jermaine has done is make himself like one of the biggest crooks alive. Remember this is the same bastard that said the family needed time to grieve and was doing interviews a day later so I don't even want to hear all that respect the family shit. Respect is earned not given. Had Jermaine acted respectfully he could have earned respect.

Joe Jackson
- Wants money from the estate each month. Why? Joe is meant to be some sort of businessman. Business doing so bad you need to try and get money from your grandkids Joe? See that is the thing, the more the estate spends the less that goes to the kids. So to Joe it may only be 10,000 a month but if he lives another 20 years that is almost 2.5 million he is taking from his own grandkids. If this guy put as much effort into getting money for nothing into his record label "Ranch Records" he wouldn't need to go to court whining and trying to get money. Billions across the globe do it every day - earn the money they need.

Rabbi Shmuley
- Another fucking author. With his book "The Michael Jackson Tapes" this Rabbi tried to sell the story of what Michael told him in confidence. Way to go Shmuley you fucking asshole. Bend over and let Halperin give it to you. Is this the way a Rabbi acts nowadays or just Rabbis that forgot why they became a Rabbi. Releasing the conversations between himself and Michael in an attempt to make cash this guy achieved only one goal making himself look stupid. The only remaining question is why the Jewish religious hierarchy didn't bitch at this fucking lame excuse for a Rabbi for doing this.

Kenny Ortega
- The tweet master when it suits him. And when does it suit him? When he has something to sell. Prayed on MJ fans and hoaxies alike with cryptic tweets that suggested he believed Michael was alive. Tweeted like a motherfucker on crack leading up to the movie release. Then died away. Then lo and behold as soon as the DVD was getting ready to be released here comes Mr Ortega with his cryptic tweets again. Fuck Kenny and fuck his little dog. Make money sure but not at the expense of integrity. If you want to tweet to sell something be honest about it. "Movie coming out soon - I made it. Please see it." would have been the reality.

Brian Oxman
- T-shirts and caps. Doesn't sound like an attorney to me. Sounds more like that guy selling the shamwow cloths. How many attorneys use their website (www.brianoxmanspeaking.com) to sell stuff? Did the late, and great, Johnny Cochran ever list on his website that he had a ride-on lawnmower for sale which was $1000 or best offer? No. It is just not the done thing. Attorneys selling shit on their site cheapens their integrity and their reputation. Are we going to see the Department of Justice with a link to used cars next. And I don't want to hear the "but he claimed he was hacked" bullshit. Hackers don't give two fucks about Brian Oxman, and I'm guessing would give one less fuck about hacking his website, facebook, and twitter all at the same time. And while we are on it - if they did Brian, or his staff have had almost 48 hours to remove it. And as for it not being Brian Oxman - the fucking guy is a lawyer with some serious connections. A guy who wants to take on the Michael Jackson estate cannot have a website using his name removed? Just does not add up.

But let us not make this a bitchfest and just sit here and complain about all these people, and others, making money from the legacy and name of Michael Jackson. Like anything, you spot a problem, you have two choices:

1. Complain and do nothing.
2. Analyze the problem and then solve it.

I myself am going to go out on a limb and take option two. And the solution to this problem is none other than Billy Bretherton, more commonly known as Billy the Exterminator. Billy is not your usual exterminator, looking like a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi. Billy arrives at jobs looking like he's about to head off to a Marilyn Manson concert.

But this guy gets the job done. We send Billy the Exterminator off round the world killing all these vermin off and A&E can film it. It is a plan that cannot go wrong. Billy uses VexCon to kill everything from cockroaches to wasps. Surely a few humans can be taken out for the greater good.

This guy can get the job done. Billy you need to be a hero.



Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Holy crap! But, you are right, there are people who still 'live off' Michael's name and, I am sure he is not pleased! Dam, can't they just love him FOR him and nothing else? There should be a new reality film in Hollywood and Las Vegas coming out soon..."Living OFF Michael Jackson!"

Anonymous said...

Back in the summertime, on a forum, I had posted my DISGUSTED feelings about Ian Halperin and his 'not-fit-for-landfill' "book."

He tried to capitalize on Michael, of course, pimp out his book all over the place, granting his 'in-the-know' interviews to Jane Mitchell and the like.

The cover alone makes me cringe because Ian "sell-his-soul-to-the-devil-hairball" Halperin (a cross between Andrew Dice Clay (on a BAD day) and poor Elton John being dissed by IH's choice of clothing and shades, used a photo of Michael from the 2005 era - REminding and REwinding all the bad publicity from the '05 trial!

Yup, I put Ian in the category of those android - DEVOID of ALL HUMAN emotion and logic, 'people' -

Diane "Devil-in-a-red-dress-dickhead" Dimond;

Tom "I-am-gonna-git-u-sucka-even-if-it-takes-the-rest-of-my-life-cause-I-made-a-deal-schlepping-for-the-devil" Sneddon;

Barbara "Holier-Than-Thou-Whiney" Walters;

Nancy "Drama-queen-headline/attention-getting('i hate mj')-Grabber Grace;

Schmuley "Let-me-get-Michael-to-trust-me-with-his-inner-most-thoughts-so-I-can-BETRAY-him" Boteach; (man of God, my ass!! man of crap!!)

Evan "I-pimped out-my-kid-low-class" Chandler (well, he is gone now...);

Martin "Backstabbing-Lying-Bastard" Bashir, (gee, I did hear that he is not doing that well...karma, baby!);

And, of course, the lovely and talented actress, Janet "I-too-pimped-out-my-kids-for-Michael's-Money"-ass-wipe Arviso!

I know I have missed MANY more that DISSED, LIED, BETRAYED, EXTORTED, and USED Michael!!!



Anonymous said...

Yes, and let us not forget...

The illustrious and dynamic, play-it-by-the-book-for-show-Gloria "AllDEAD" 'attorney' Allred, who, most of the time wears red to show her ball power! THAT does NOT make a good woman! Or a DECENT person! I like red, but, not to show that I am a 'man.' I am a LADY in red.

Uri 'play-it-up'-mind-reading and spoon-bending-while-I-screw-Michael-to-the-wall-insightful guru Geller;

Deepak "Boo-hoo, "I-tried-to-save-AND-sell-out-Michael-while-I-co-wrote-songs-with-him-at-midnight-crapper" Chopra;

LAPD--Lie.Annihilate.Piss-on.Degrade. Yup, the keystone cops of the Millennium!

Anonymous said...

I love Micael and hate that anyone is making money off him but there are bigger more serious problems in the world that we all should be focusing on. Nine months is a long time, don't you think it's time to focus on other things?Let him go, Michael is gone.

Anonymous said...

what you said was so true! omg and i love billy bretherton! and i love reading your posts! keep up the good work dog!

Anonymous said...

We are all free to believe what we want.

And, please do not patronize me by suggesting that I do not focus on other things in life.

You know nothing about me, only what I choose to write on here.

So, if you feel that Michael is gone, as you write, why then, are you on this blog commenting on other people's comments?

You seem to not have 'let him go.' I can at least admit I have not and choose to find out the truth.

anonymous 3 said...

@Anonymous 8:23 PM : And why can't one comment on this blog if one believes Michael is gone? Please tell me. I'm more than curious.... BTW You wouldn't have a little moustache now would you?? haha
Everyone can comment on this blog; if you don't like a comment, just skip it...Djeezes you state yourself we are all free to believe what we want, but we can't talk about our beliefs or what?! Grow up and get out more, broaden your horizon....you fool pfff

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:01 AM. I guess you like to get into a pissing contest with ppl on here, for YOU are the one with the moustache - not me.

I could really let loose and write around your stupid little comment, but, I do not feel like wasting good material on you.

Take a look at yourself -- Left brain/right brain in a conflict?

You have the unmitigated gall to tell me to skip a comment I don't like, YOU FIRST! (oh, by the way, 'unmitigated' is an adjective and it means to: be not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; unrelieved: unmitigated suffering.)

You are a lonely little person with no heart or soul -- that resonates (meaning: to evoke a feeling of shared emotion) loud and clear in your posts!

It is such a shame that you have missed out entirely on MICHAEL's MESSAGE. I feel sorry for you...but, hey, I guess you like shaking hands with the devil.

But, writing as you do, for what you lack inside, empowers you on the outside; to SOME, only.

Too bad you sold yourself out long ago, you sure do miss the nice things in life.

You are the immature one and, for you, who is clearly a non-believer, why don't you go and get a life. You know NOTHING about me, only what I CHOOSE to write, remember that.

You can post whatever you want, does not matter either way.

You are that feeble-minded that you cannot inspire yourself to write coherent material -- you need to tag along my own thoughts...

skeptikos said...

I do agree with you Conspiracy. Yet, don't forget a few other sharks like:
* Tommy Mottola (aka The Devil per MJ) and still in business;
* John Branca the CURRENT co-executor of Jackson’s estate, who was fired in 2002... and surprisingly rehired, allegedly by MJ, 7 days before his death?! Btw this guy also works for Sony that owns a 5% share of the Sony/ATV catalog.
* Dr Conrad Murray who was in AEG's payroll;
* Sony/ATV, see more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony/ATV_Music_Publishing
* Frank Dileo;
* John McClain the OTHER Jackson Estate administrator!

Have you seen the huge deal -> Michael Jackson Estate Sony Record $250 Million Deal -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZJNdrxg3sk&feature=player_embedded

I'm more and more convinced that all this HOAX is nothing but crap created by these sharks to cover up their illegal deals.
Unfortunately, I do believe MJ was murdered!!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

skeptikos said: "I'm more and more convinced that all this HOAX is nothing but crap created by these sharks to cover up their illegal deals. Unfortunately, I do believe MJ was murdered!"

It is a possibility. But in my mind there are too many inconsistencies just for June 25, 2009 - even the 911 call and the EMT report don't match. But as with any hoax anything is possible.

anonymous 3 said...

@Conspiracy : I think the biggest problem is we all see what we want to see. I tend to agree with Skeptikos and, yes, there are a lot of inconsistencies, but aren't we all looking for these or maybe giving another meaning to what we see and therefore reaching different conclusions?
In the beginning I was 100% sure he was gone, after a while I started thinking while sifting through all those different forums "What if?" and at present I'm afraid I'm leaning more towards the murder theory.
I'm sure of one thing though... we will never know for sure..
Suppose Michael pops up one day, are you sure you'll be convinced he's the real one, maybe it's a double cashing in on the original one? Or maybe it is really him, how can you be sure?
The hoax will become or is already becoming a hoax in itself by the mere fact it's a hoax .... so complicated pfff

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@anonymous 3 - I agree that we see what want we want to see. A recent example being the photo of Michael, Jermaine, and allegedly Conrad Murray; which eventually turned out not to be Murray at all.

skeptikos said...

I agree with you both, Conspiracy and Anonymous 3, but what if... let’s go back to 2002. Do you remember the Enron scandal? Conspiracy, you mentioned the 9/11 here somewhere. Do you remember that it happened after the Enron Scandal? I mean it was meant to cover up that huge fraud wasn't it? A huge fraud like a disease that spread out all over the world, as we know now. It's not a conspiracy theory -> it's a simple plain fact. Now, the MJ death Hoax, in my opinion was meant also to cover up another huge fraud in the music industry, which btw was already dying in 2002/03. And MJ was denouncing it! And if music industry was dying, why MJ "invincible" album became invisible at that time? To suffocate him financially?! Along with the trails ... to discredit him?!
What happened to Eliot Spitzer the man who was fighting these huge frauds? Yeah, resigned after a prostitution scandal!
Another thing, the inconsistencies create confusion and are a powerful weapon to deviate or mislead the attention of the masses. It's basic and it works. Let’s think about all this, shall we?!

anonymous 3 said...

@Conspiracy : I've been trying to dig up that photo and the only one I can come up with is the one I found on MJHDI. If that's the one, I had to look really closely to get a glimpse of what might be Murray (with a very vivid imagination...lol).
Is that the one you're talking about?
If not could you give a link? Thanks

Iloveyoumore said...

Hmmm.....I truly believe that Michael loves, loves, loves all the marketing & promotion ;)

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@ anonymous 3 No that is the one. In a dark room when you squint it could be mistaken for Murray.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@skeptikos - I do remember something about the Enron investigation files being in the infamous building 7 ... which was mysteriously pulled. There was something about the BBC in England reported on WTC 7 being semolished while it stood behind the woman - LOL

skeptikos said...

If you say so, than it was a hell of a job... a kind of kinky demolition team! Lol

Anyway in order to refresh memories:




skeptikos said...

@Anonymous 3:
Concerning that photo see here -> http://gossiponthis.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/mike-jermaine.jpg

I don't know if it is the same in MJHDI...

anonymous 3 said...

@ skeptikos : tyvm for the link
It's the same photo.

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