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Souza today mentioned a good point in that Blogspot consider all information already on the Internet as 'public information'.

This got me to thinking what 'public information' is there about Badkolo, the bankrupt Mommy's boy, on the Internet. As I was thinking about this, and having a cup of coffee; Badkolo jumps on the blog and comments his real name and address.

So armed with Badkolo's real name, which for those who didn't read the comment is Chris Olic, I decided to see what 'public information' was available.

First thing that came up was Chris Olic's facebook; which is:

Badkolo's Facebook Account

Now for those that are not on Badkolo's friend list here are a few photos that you may not see.

Now for my personal opinion on these photos; which as has been discussed before is afforded me by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

Firstly, Badkolo you look like a fag - seriously the white glitter sunglasses while riding on your boyfriend's back just screams Elton John. Does your Mom know or are you still in the closet as far as she is concerned?

What is with the cheap 70's lamp? Seriously, I know you filed bankruptcy but surely it hasn't come to robbing the charity shops to furnish your Mom's apartment.

Last thing I saw with that little amount of hair was a shaven cunt. Never mind everyone reading this has already got the punchline of that one.

Nice socks on the screen also. You been working hard at your phonics CD? You know if you do really well at it who knows Mommy might buy you some candy.

Sorry, no really I am sorry for you, posing in photos with crap decor and gay sunglasses. The saddest part is that you actually think you look cool. No wonder you are hanging around with Souza & Mo.

And for those that read this far - No I am not on Badkolo/Chris' Facebook friends list. Bec sent me the photos.



Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! Holy fuck, I have not laughed this hard in a really long time. I've been laughing for 10 minutes straight. My side hurts. This has got to be the funniest fucking blog post I have ever read. LOL @ Elton John -- spot on. And the socks on the screen too. You rock, Conspiracy!

Badkolo said...

Now you know im sexy.

Lets see, you discovered what almost every other hoaxer out there has seen.
If oyu remeber I told you everyone has my info, i even posted it here today, everyone has my email to reach me.
Now while your opinion is I look like a fag but i bet I fuck better then one.

Im proud of my sexiness, obviously your not since yo hide behind a picture of an animal, but thats why we made you part of our team , working with you has been a joy and as i told you, predictability is key.

damn im sexy.

Badkolo said...

WOW this is truly working out, since you posted this WE had a rush of visitors at www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com and at www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com.

AHHH, now im getting pm'ed, im getting hit on, wow my man this plan is working out better then we all could have planned. It's like I have my hand on the leash and just like the pet that you are you walk yourself practically. This is brilliant and I give you full credit, I was first thinking where MJHD CONspiracy going and then Our site spiked, but then you quit and we lost a few people, but now the proof is in the pudding, all the help you have given us truly shows, every post you put up and boom like freaking magic our numbers spike again.

On top of all that, I dont have to worry about coming off like a prude, becuase while im sexy and all I didnt want all the girls to think I think I'm sexy. But they obviously approve.
predictability is key.

Anonymous said...

Omgz wow, Badkolo is so incredibly hot, wow!! I had no idea he was that smokin sexy!! Holy shit!! Thanks conspiracy for giving me some sweet eye candy on your site FINALLY!!!

Damn Badkolo, you are some sweet piece of fine looking man.

Lorrie said...

You know I love ya, MJHDC, but let me say that I wish you hadn't gone the gay route. There's nothing wrong with being homosexual, in my opinion, although I get your drift.

This is your blog, so you can post pretty much what you want to, of course. I just don't agree with that part and want to make it clear to those who know I follow this website.

Anonymous said...

ohh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! so hot , so damn sexy , i didnt see this coming , thanks blogger, forget about hate , we will create the new fan club " for the love of B.A.D.K.O.L.O" , come on blogger dont be jelous , he can give u some to u too

sexyy is thy name

Anonymous said...

He is cuuuuute:) Oh yum yum....gimme some of that. I wanna give lots of L.O.V.E. to badkolo;)

Badkolo said...

If we are going to be working together then please approve our posts a little faster. im keeping up my end of the deal so i suggest you do yours.

The faster you reply the more hits I get, and right now isnt a peak time so the faster we can do this the better my numbers will be all around.

Everyone is looking forward to your new thread on our site, i told them to be patient. I told them it will be up soon enough.

Badkolo said...

Im one fine stud and did I mention I am A FULL 8.

If I knew that all these girls on our site would be hitting on me so fast i would of had you do this last time.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit I needs me some alone time with the screen. Damn Badkolo, look me up baby.

Shit, forget Michael Jackson, Badkolo has got it going on and on and on and.... damn ima have heart failure.

Badkolo said...

Thanks Girls xoxox :)

Dont think im conceaded, i just know im cute and im confident in that so to all my girl fans I truly appreciate the emails and PM's, this is a blessing and thanks to my good pal mjhd conspiracy for making this happen.

Listen im not looking for any long term relationship, but keep the emails coming and ill reply to each one of you chicks one by one. Maybe one of us has a chance.

Anonymous said...

It is totally, painfully obvious that badkolo is posting all these compliments about himself as "anonymous" users. Totally. It is not humanly possible that anyone would be attracted to such an effimintae looking man. Real women like masculine men. Not some foo foo girly shit.

bec said...

Thank you mjhd conspiracy for showing us Badkolo's pic, he is really hot. Everyone says you're a dick but obviously if Badkolo is defending you and letting you work with him then your ok in my book.

But, for the record, those pics are public on Facebook, you don't have to be friends with him to see them. When you're that hot, why hide? Lol.

Anonymous said...

where is the blog now for soumo???? :P

Anonymous said...

The mind of Badkolo is maybe in controlled cuz he wears sunglasses. Please remember the theory of S&M.

Anonymous said...

cute???? I've seen better looking heads on a penis that the one on your glittered haired shoulders...oh sorry my mistake your head is a penis because you are a fucking DICKHEAD change your name to BADSUNGLASSWEARINGGAYARSEDDUCTHBITCHBULLDYKEFUCKINGSMOUZKOLO
you fuckstick

conspiracy wouldnt piss on your forum if it was on fire..its fucking beneath them

now get back to your boyfriend silverfuck why dont you..shit silverfuck,,bong smoking dutch bitches and throw in dayfuck while you are at it..JERRY JERRY JERRY

Anonymous said...

Oh yummy yummy Chris I'm yours: take me, use me, tease me, gimme your juice!!! Let's celebrate the biological contact over and over again!

I hope it's no prob that I'm a female (anyway I can be what ever you want *wink*).

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say: I want a pic of Chris without glasses!!!

I wanna see you smoking hot sexy eyes *drool*.

Anonymous said...

To the attention whore owner of this blog:

GET A LIFE, will you? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a FORUM! I mean, look at you, look at the what you're doing! You've turned an enjoyable little hobby, that some people have, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!

I mean, how old are you? What have you done with yourself?

You must be around 30... have you ever kissed another person?

I didn't think so! There's a whole world out there! TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER! GET OUT OF YOUR PARENTS BASEMENT! GO LIVE! And get your own apartment and GROW THE HELL UP! I mean, it's just a FORUM dammit, IT'S JUST A FORUM!!!

anonymous 3 said...

@Badkolo : didn't you play the leading part in "E.T." ??!! .......woehaha

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "There's a whole world ot there! TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER! GET OUT OF YOUR PARENTS BASEMENT! GO LIVE! And get your own apartment and GROW THE HELL UP! I mean, it's just a FORUM damnit, IT'S JUST A FORUM!!"

And this is JUST A BLOG damnit. So what is your life like? Heavy medication, Anal rape daily, and coming to JUST A BLOG to complain about someone poking fun at JUST A FORUM.

When you get your GED are you going to leave the institute?

anonymous 3 said...

I think Badkolo is so enjoying his chivalric mood he is doing nothing else right now than diverting all attention to his little self, that way the double dutch team can go quietly about their self centered, egoistic, disrespectful behaviour and business..... like putting up so called hate posts on their home page. Like I said before they are really good in copying and pasting, no harm in that as long as you mention your source......

3D said...

Man, this is a first sounding as stupid as you look. Wow Badkolo, are you for real. Please tell me what you are writing is just a joke and you are poking fun. Because I can't believe you actually speak and think that way. You speak as if you are legally mentally challenged. Not trying to put you down if you are, but whomever is helping you in your daily living, should view your posts first. You shouldn't be allowed to write and post unsupervised.

And bec, you just lost all my respect for you. You seemed so intelligent in your forum posting. But if you like someone like Badkolo, then you really have some problems.

Wow! Egotistical, porno lover, a dick (you say yours is 8 inches? Probably more like 8 centimeters!), and you can't even write the King's English properly. Oh, what a man! I think I will go a puke now. Girls, if you want him, then you do deserve him.

Anonymous said...

I thought MichaelJacksonHoaxForum.com was owned by Louie Klarevas, a Professor at NYU? Isn't this all just a HUGE social experiment and we are all providing info for Mr. Klarevas' next book? Or is he promoting world peace and awareness since that is his area of study - Global Affairs?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Elton John! Hit the nail on the head once again Conspiracy!! Love the conceit too, having to comment anonomously just to give himself a compliment - pitiful, but hey, if that's what you got to do to sleep better at night, do what you got to do. LOL
BTW, I fell out of my chair laughing as I scrolled down this post and had THAT staring at me behind those sparkily sunglasses!! Good god, a true ladies man - NOTTTTT!!
Keep up the good work Conspiracy. I need my daily dose of laughter. :)

Badkolo said...

you people are easier to play with then lab mice.

Now I need to thank you again, I just woke up to 1000 emails of gilrs going gaga over me, and I see that is spilled into your blog as well.

Thats what happens when your as sexy as me.

BY the way You didnt add the posts fast enough last night and my chatroom was almost empty for hours. So as we discussed I would appreciate it if you add the posts faster, YOu did a great job this afternoon becuase the numbers are off the wall and for that we all thank you.

I thought you started the thread on our site but obviously you didnt start it yet so ill tell our members to hold on a little longer.

Predictability is key.

Everyone at www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com
thanks you for making us the number 1 hoax site on the net. The girls that visit your blog also want to thank you becuase now you gave them something decent to crank one out too, which is my sexy pics.
Oh and that wasnt me replying to the pics, you can check the i.p's, im just that hot.

Anonymous said...

Badkolo at 1:29pm, like you don't use a proxy. Please. LOL. Those anonymus comments are you and that schizo Bec.

Anonymous said...

yh what about that Louie Klarevas ?

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is my first time posting on this blog. First of all, I have to say that I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE YOU, Conspiracy! This place is like a breath of fresh air from all the craziness going on the hoax forums. You are HILARIOUS!

@ Dumbkolo: Shut the fuck up. Your site is loonier than a mental hospital. If I'd known about this blog sooner, I would have NEVER join your forum. Yes, that's right. I am a member. Have fun trying to figure out who I am so you can ban me later. That's what you like to do to the members who don't agree with your stupid theories, right? And while you're at it, go fuck your two Nazi whores. I'm sure they wouldn't be such bitter and mean bitches if they had a little more sex, LMAO.

Oh and by the way, take that damn sparkly earring off, please. It makes you look like a fag. Wait. Why am I saying "look like"? You ARE a fag! Hahahah! And I've seen sexier pieces of shit on the ground than you, LOL.

Keep doing your thing, Conspiracy. You rule. :D

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