Liars & Lawyers

So I start the day with idle threats from both Souza and Badkolo. Always great to wake to some funny shit that makes me laugh.

Both claim they are going to get a lawyer involved; and have this blog removed. Both have absolutely no understanding of the law and how a policy really works.

So for their advice, and for anyone else that cares, here is the recap:

Badkolo said: "Now there is a seperate issue with this site and MJHD.net. I already contacted my lawyer and he will contact the owners of this site, mjhd.net and your Hosting and registrar companies. We will not allow you to blurb our names out whenever you feel like it and letting others post our personal info. A cease and decist will be sent out and suit for defamation will be started, I hope you have the resources to acquire a good lawyer."

Souza said: "May I remind you of the Content Policy of blogspot.com? Personal and confidential information: It's not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information. For example, don't post someone else's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies. We have contacted Blogspot as well as a lawyer and we advise you to immediately remove all the personal info from this blog. I don't think Monique and Anouska would appreciate it."

I said: "May I remind you so far nothing has broken the Blogspot Policy. And as you stated information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet is fine. Contact a lawyer, and Blogspot, I think you'll find as Blogspot is hosted in the US, the 1st Amendment will kick in. Funny how everyone jumps on the "I'm getting a lawyer" wagon. No laws have been broken so have fun with that. And as you have posted your first names on this very blog, that means it is now public information."

I also said: "I await your lawyer to contact Blogspot. As I stated in reply to Souza everything is covered by the 1st Amendment. It is merely opinion and that is covered. Enjoy. Now if you really want me to dig you are going the right way about it. There is enough public information on the Internet. So I suggest you scurry off back to your hole before I start digging. Thanks."

I then said: "Souza, Mo, & Badkolo - Just so you know I had a lawyer look at the whole of this blog, including code, and it is fine based on US law. Now if you read the Blogspot policy correctly it states it is governed by US law. So therefore as stated, the first amendment right to freedom of speech is mine and this blog has done nothing to break that freedom; or the Blogspot policy. So keep fucking dreaming, grow up, and shut the fuck up. Defamation of character? You bunch of hypocrites are fine ones to talk about that. LMAO. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh."

So that is the recap complete. Everyone supposedly wasting money on a lawyer; everyone except me that is I know a few that assist me when needed.

So lets look into these claims a little further. Supposedly I may be breaking the terms and conditions of the Blogspot policy. No. I had a lawyer check, and as the Blogspot policy is governed by California law then the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution comes in to effect. And that amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Which gives me the right to exercise my freedom of speech. Which means that I can say anything I want. See you have to love the law - I get the right to voice an opinion.

So the rest of Souza and Badkolo's arguments become moot points and have no basis for any action whatsoever. But just to be safe I checked with both a lawyer and Google with regards to laws this blog breaks. Surprise surprise there are none. I never posted FULL names so that doesn't bother me. And the commenter that did post the FULL names was anonymous and therefore untraceable unless you ask Blogspot for the IP address which posted it, and then ask the corresponding ISP for further details. Good luck getting an international subpoena on that one.

You really think I didn't think about all this before. I posted Auntie Amy's details, who said a lawyer would contact me (by the way I'm still waiting on that one), I did my homework. As long as it exists on the Internet then it is basically public information, if I then post that public information I break no law. If you have a 'beef' with that information being out there you can politely ask me and I can, in theory, tell you where I got it and then you go after them.

As for what a person comments - sorry your shit out of luck, it is, as I stated, practically untouchable.

So Badkolo and Souza, print this post off and show it to your lawyers. Who in turn will charge you to tell you I am right. Think before you bitch at me. Actually think point blank, that way some of your theories would make more sense.



Ang said...

Ohh geee, i can bet ur shaking already..LOL Btw, interesting how spies quickly informed Smouza&Company...LMAO

Anonymous said...

well,she is dutch and she does breed dogs and she is really quite good informed about drugs or medicine compared to humans...and u use the commentlink of their names of one of the posters made in here, u find her via google....and actually just one person exist with that name ;)

but breeding dogs is actually shit as well,the shelters a full with animals...

Badkolo said...

Actually your more predictable then I origanly thought, god I love you.

In a few hours the new servers will be ready, this way you can make 5 to 10 new posts a day and just continue this traffic bonanza we are getting. We are adding you to our forum, you should be mod by tonight. Its really great working with you, i never exptected it to work out this well.

Anonymous said...

Great! Freedom of speech!! Please write more articles about the crazy theorieS of hoax!!

Diana Jean said...

Badkolo was just commenting on anouther thred about how this blog is making their forum the "number 1 hoax site on the web" .

Talk about a change in mood.

3D said...

Souza once said she never met a man with the balls to handle her. Well I don't know if you are a man or woman. But damn, you got the balls! And that's a fact. I do hope you got your laws straight. Don't know if you are an American, but in America, Souza and Mo,we got rights to free speech and opinions. If you want privacy, then keep your asses off the Internet. Fuck, my name and addresses are all over it. Just goggle ____ ____ and there I am for the whole fucking world to see. Boo ya!

Badkolo said...

OK the new servers are up and running, Now you can make all the posts you want like we discussed.

If you do this daily then we can expect a burst in traffic during that time period each day and now we wont have any down time with the dedictaed servers.

I would really like it if you can add more blog posts on the weekend since we would love more hits on those days as well.

It was great partnering with you and having you as the newest MOD on our site.

Can't wait to here from you. You can save the announcement for your members but ill let everyone know tonight.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Badkolo said: "It was great partnering with you and having you as the newest MOD on our site."

Shut the fuck up you broke ass monkey fucking dumbass. Think I'd stoop so low as to be a Mod on the S&M forum? You have got to be kidding me. You have been smoking way too much. I'm a dog (there is a little picture at the top of the blog) and I wouldn't want to be near you, Souza, or Mo. Hey Badkolo I think I hear your Mommy calling she want's her little boy to fuck her up the ass!

Anonymous said...

OMG How friggen funny is he - yet another one that thinks they know who the DOG is!! LMAO Please, save it and save yourself the embarassment because you truly have no clues Mr Koala - I mean Amy, I mean Mr. Mary Jane - LOL Anyone that would stoop so low as to join "your" forum, is on way too many drugs to start with. Do everyone a favor and quit flattering yourself. Go count up your hits today, and give the good Doggie a bone and go to your corner and grease it up real good like you always do. Careful though, mommy might hear you! LMFAOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Mr. Mary Jane LOL!

Badkolo said...

EVERYONE at www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com thanks you all for the hard work and effort your puttin into this. I did google adwords, I did some other ads but nothing has worked as well as this.

Having you as a partner has tremendously helped us, We will be thanking you soon enough, your mod status is ready and we cant wait to hear from.

Acting like you dont want to be part of it is brilliant and hey if it works for you then great, its not like i want you to lose any hits either becuase the more people that visit you apperently causes them to visit us. SO its a win win.

I told you that your predcitable and you are and for that, I mo ans souza thank you. I made a list of the next 10 things you will do and ill get those right just like i was right about you coming out of retirement since you quit a few weeks ago. You gotta love predicatabilty and your the perfect example case in point.

Our members will be waiting to thank oyu for making our website #1, I already made an account for you, enjoy.

And please lets continue this back and fourth tit for tat thing like we discussed, im not ashamed to say we want the hits.

Lorrie said...

MJHDC, don't let this BadKooKoo nutter and his two Dutch KooKoo friends bait you or phase you in the least. MJkit 2.0 took a HUGE hit on January 13 when many of the members finally realized Team KooKoo has been smoking too much of its own irrelevant Illuminati/Mind Control/NWO crap.

The hoax forums that popped up after June 25 are supposed to be about Michael Jackson and his possibly faked death, not mentally disturbed people hiding behind computer screens and power-tripping over nonsense.

Part of the reason why BadKooKoo has so much free time to spend here on your blog is because his forum's traffic and membership are nowhere near as substantial as he wants people to believe (the other part is because he apparently has no life).

If his forum was THAT popular, he would be on it around the clock, interacting with his supposedly enormous audience and membership. And I don't mean getting into silly pissing matches with members in chat over trivial anagrams.

In reality, it's like a ghost town at MJkit 2.0 compared to earlier days, not because of the latest server glitch, but because so many mature members are fed up and have moved on to less insane environs. I'm glad I was there to witness the mass exodus and could help spur it on a bit. It was my immense pleasure.

And for the record: The third time was NOT the charm, Team KooKoo. I just got bored waiting for you to figure out how to REALLY ban me permanently -- which you still have not -- and lost interest in the thread. If I ever feel like posting on the forum again, rest assured that I will.

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