As the page title suggests this page is full of links to various websites.

MJHDC Links:

Twitter - The official MJHDC Twitter.
Twitpic - Lots of pointless pictures created by MJHDC.

Hoax Forums:

MJHD.NET Forum - Avoid the flowers and eventually you find the odd gem of information.
MJDHI Forum - Avoid the Illuminati crap and there is some good investigating going on.
MJ-Conspiracy Forum - A 'no drama' forum investigating the truth behind the lies.
Esta MJ Vivo Forum - In Brazilian but well worth checking out.

Hoax Blogs:

Seeing Clues - Seeing Clues blog.  Great articles about the hoax and other writings.
What About MJ? - Great articles about the hoax and Michael Jackson.
Houdinis Ghost - Articles, documents, videos, and links. A great place to visit and read.
Esta Michael Jackson Vivo - A hoax blog in Brazilian but well worth the translation.
MJ Hoax Live - Home of some exclusive hoax articles.
Xscape: The MJ Story - Covers a lot of the legal and medical aspects of the hoax.

Twitter Accounts:

Jermaine Jackson (Verified)
Janet Jackson (Verified)
Tito Jackson (Verified)
Jackie Jackson (Verified)
Official Michael Jackson (Verified)
Brian Oxman (Unverified)

Photoshop Links:

GavTrain - Gavin Hoey gives tutorials on Photoshop and photography.
PSDTuts+ - A whole host of tutorials for Photoshop.


OpenOffice - A free, and better, alternative to Microsoft Office.
GIMP - A free alternative to Photoshop

Miscellaneous: - Shortens web addresses.
Unfollowed - Find out who unfollowed you on Twitter.

If you think a website should be added to this list just let me know and I'll check it out.


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