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This page is made up of notes about the hoax. I'll try to keep it organized as possible, as it grows, but I am not promising anything. I'll add things when I think of it. Sometimes it may just appear as ramblings but it is merely a "web based mental notepad".

Conrad Murray/AEG Contract

According to reports Conrad Murray made a verbal agreement to work for AEG on May 8, 2009. Well a verbal agreement is only legally binding if three elements are met (offer, acceptance, and consideration). Reports state that AEG sent one contract based on the verbal agreement which Conrad rejected; due to the lack of CPR equipment and nurse provisions. And then the final contract where these two items were added was meant to be signed by AEG, Conrad Murray, and Michael Jackson. Michael never signed the contract. So as the verbal agreement and contract have important differences the possibility remains that the verbal agreement was not legally binding.

Also if Conrad Murray entered the verbal agreement on May 8, 2009 why did he leave it until June 15, 2009 to inform his patients? And in the letter Conrad states: "Because of a once in a lifetime opportunity, I had to make a most difficult decision to cease practice of medicine indefinitely." So, 11 months at $150,000 is $1,650,000. And according to various medical sources Conrad Murray wasn't exactly the best doctor they could have got for that money; which begs the question - Why Conrad Murray?

Since June 25, 2009 Conrad Murray hasn't even looked like a doctor under the stress of child support payments, slow business, and obviously being tried for involuntary manslaughter; which carries a maximum of 4 years imprisonment and a minimum of 2 years if charged as a felony. He just hasn't appeared stressed by any of this.

Legal Notes

Not 100% sure about this but there may be a legal "get out" clause for Conrad Murray in the forthcoming trial; which was handed to his defense by Katherine Jackson. In her wrongful death lawsuit against AEG she mentions that AEG failed to supply Conrad Murray with a nurse and CPR equipment (Page 6).

Now as the wrongful death lawsuit is against AEG, and Conrad Murray is not named as a defendant, it could possibly be argued that as AEG neglected to supply Conrad Murray with essential equipment and a nurse, which they had agreed to on May 8, 2009 in writing, that Conrad was not responsible for the death of Michael Jackson due to the fact that as an employee of AEG he was doing his job to the best of his abilities without this essential equipment and personnel.

The idea doesn't go against the amount of Propofol in the system, but does say that Conrad Murray may have been able to resuscitate and save Michael Jackson with the correct equipment; and therefore Murray is not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and is merely guilty of medical negligence.

Just a thought as this crazy hoax seems to get crazier and crazier.

Nation Of Islam

The Nation of Islam is an African-American religious movement founded in Detroit, Michigan, by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in July 1930. He set out to improve the spiritual, mental, social, and economic condition of the Black men and women of America. From 1934-1975, the NOI was led by Elijah Muhammad, who established businesses, large real estate holdings, armed forces and schools.

During the later part of this period, Malcolm X became a prominent minister and leader in the NOI. Before his assassination in 1965, he was moving toward orthodox Sunni Islam after his experience of having made Hajj to Mecca. He rejected the separatist ideology of the NOI.

Elijah Muhammad's son by his legal wife Clara, Warith Deen Mohammed, a minister in the NOI, was made national leader of the organization in 1975. He led most of the NOI members to merge and convert to traditional Islam and dissolved the NOI structure. He renamed the group the American Society of Muslims, which he led until 2003.

Splinter groups developed soon after Elijah Muhammad's death, including that of Louis Farrakhan, who was unhappy with Mohammed's leadership. Originally calling his group Final Call, in 1981 Farrakhan took back the name of Nation of Islam, at the same time renewing the original practices and beliefs of Elijah Muhammad.

The number of members of the Nation of Islam is believed to be between 20,000 and 50,000, and it is particularly strong among prison populations. Most of the members are in the United States, but there are small communities in other countries, such as Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Trinidad and Tobago. The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified the Nation of Islam as a hate group.

Some members of The Nation of Islam have long denied the fact of Elijah Muhammad's death, proposing that he escaped a death plot, was restored to health, and is aboard “that huge wheel-like plane that is even now flying over our heads.”

The NOI has a do-for-self philosophy that resulted in the NOI owning and operating hundreds of businesses nationwide, employing thousands of people. The NOI has purchased and now operates food-industry services, bakeries, and restaurants. It owns a large amount of farmland in Georgia. It owns and operates hair-care shops. Some of these business ventures have been success stories. Others have been criticized as Amway-style marketing schemes that have not benefited most of their employees.

Jermaine Jackson / Nation Of Islam

I was wondering about Jermaine Jackson's connection with the Nation Of Islam.  Someone emailed me and said that although Jermaine is a Muslim he should have nothing to do with the Nation Of Islam because he is a Sunni Muslim.

This meant nothing to me, so I checked the connection out; to find that they actually have different beliefs and the Sunni Muslim community have actually spoken out against the Nation Of Islam.

The main differences are as follow:

God's incarnation: NOI teaches that "Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July 1930; the long-awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims." Traditional Sunni and Shi'a Muslim doctrine is that it is heretical and blasphemous to believe that God would manifest in human form. Likening any individual(s) to God is a form of shirk—a major sin in Islam.

Relations with whites: NOI teaches that the Black man is the original man, and from him came all brown, yellow, and white people. By using a special method of birth control law (the Yakub teaching), the black man was able to produce the white race. NOI does not believe that whites are worthy to be evangelized, and thus does not accept them into the NOI. Traditional Islam teaches that all races are equal, and any person of any race can convert to Islam. Islam recognizes the Biblical and Qur’anic figure, the patriarch Jacob, but he is considered a prophet, not the Yakub figure as featured in Nation of Islam theology.

Perspectives on the Qur'an: The NOI states that they believe in the Qur'an and the writings of all the prophets of God. The NOI believes there are truths in the Bible but it is tampered material and "must be reinterpreted so that mankind will not be snared by the falsehoods that have been added to it." The vast majority of Muslims worldwide believe that the Qur'an is Allah's final revelation to mankind and that it was given to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad between the years of 610 and 632. Islam believes the previous scriptures (such as the Bible and Torah) have value but are superseded by the Qur'an.

Status of the Islamic prophet Muhammad vs. other prophets: The Nation of Islam believes that Elijah Muhammad was a messenger and was taught by God, who the NOI claim as "Master" Fard Muhammad (W. D. Fard). Islam teaches that Muhammad was the last of the messengers whom Allah has sent to mankind; there would be no more and all Muslims are to follow the teachings of the Qur'an and accept monotheism.

Practice of Friday prayers: The Nation of Islam ignores the traditional Jumuah prayers on Friday. In 2002, W. Deen Mohammed, a Muslim in opposition of black separatism, delivered a Friday sermon at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The NOI practice of Jumuah prayer has been replaced by a Sunday service (the traditional practice of Christianity). Islam dedicates Friday as the day for congregational prayer (salat) to be held just after noon in lieu of dhuhr (noon prayer).

Then in a post on the MJ-Conspiracy forum, forum member Butterflies400, posted a link to a transcript where Rita Cosby, who had previously interviewed Michael Jackson said: "We always thought it was Jermaine, because Jermaine is a Muslim and has always been very sympathetic to the Nation of Islam, but I'm finding out that now, it was actually Randy Jackson." (LINK 1) (LINK 2)

So although Jermaine is the more likely candidate for the NOI influence it would seem Randy was.


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