Talking With Homeless Dave

There has been some debate over the last few months. Some thought he was hiding, while others thought he had finally been arrested and executed. But in a revealing talk Homeless Dave explains himself.

Doggie: Well look who the cat dragged in. And where have you been the last few months?
Dave: I went on a journey of self-discovery, to find myself.
Doggie: And that journey obviously didn't include a shower.
Dave: I'm living the bohemian lifestyle now.
Doggie: No. You are just lazy. I doubt you even know what it means.
Dave: Actually I do.
Doggie: Keep telling yourself that. So, now you have found yourself what are you up to?
Dave: Not much really. I'm just strapping myself in for the kamikaze ride that is going to be the unlawful death trial.
Doggie: I knew it. So you have an opinion and you want to voice it is what you are saying?
Dave: Pretty much.
Doggie: OK then. What is your well-informed opinion?
Dave: Firstly it is not well-informed. Secondly this has got to be the dumbest lawsuit the Jackson family could have ever started.
Doggie: Well, supposedly, they want justice for Michael.
Dave: Do they hell as like. They want money. They want $40 Billion from AEG Live because they may, or may not, have hired Conrad Murray. They just want their meal-ticket to keep feeding the leeches that hang around the Jackson compound. If it was about justice it would just be a case of getting AEG Live to admit they were wrong, and not all about money.
Doggie: There is some logic to that. But surely the kids should get what their father was going to provide?
Dave: How much do they need? They have money coming in from the estate. They are definitely not hurting - now or ever. None of them would have to work ever. And his Mom is set for life too. They have millions from the estate, living it large, and we are meant to believe that a $40 Billion lawsuit is purely for justice. It is a typical Jackson family move - everyone trying to squeeze one more ounce of blood out of Michael.
Doggie: But the lawsuit is by Katherine and the kids. Surely you can't be calling them leeches?
Dave: In a way yes.
Doggie: Whoa there. Bit harsh.
Dave: Well not them exactly. Everyone knows there are certain family members in the background pulling strings to get things like this happening. And those people are doing it because they are scared.
Doggie: Scared of what?
Dave: Scared they will have to get off their asses and get out there and actually make it based on their own name. Don't get me wrong it isn't all of them but there a few they wouldn't know what to do without money from Michael, and his legacy, filtering down to the lower leeches. And as for Katherine and the kids - they have enough. This lawsuit is just going to make things worse.
Doggie: Worse in what way?
Dave: Don't be so naive. The muck-rakers. Scum like TMZ, X17, and all the other low-life outlets that will drag up every little detail. These places are used to having to report on what shit Kim Kardashian is wearing. Give them a $40 Billion lawsuit and they will run with every little thing. They will drag so much shit up from the past that the only thing, win or lose, that is guaranteed to happen is that Michal Jackson's legacy will be further tarnished with so-called revelations from the lawsuit.
Doggie: Well them kind of gossip outlets will always find the worse in a story.
Dave: It isn't just about finding the worse in a story. They are consistently noted for making shit up just to get people to look at their stuff. They will put any headline up if they think it will equal a few hits to their website. How many times during this lawsuit do you think TMZ will quote Arnie Klein, Karen Faye, or some other fucker that has no life of their own and is basically living off the tailcoat of Michael? Mark my words by the end of this lawsuit Michael's reputation will be in ruins because of all the crap people are going to drag up from the past.
Doggie: How do you see the result of the trial?
Dave: Nobody will win.
Doggie: I think you'll find someone has to win.
Dave: On paper maybe. But look at the options. Say the Jacksons win and some judge orders AEG Live to pay out $40 Billion. All that will happen is that AEG Live will go bankrupt and sell their assets to their parent company who will start a new company called AEG2 or something. Look at what BP did after the oil spill, they moved cash around and declared parts of themselves bankrupt and instead f paying $60 Billion only ended up paying $6 Billion. There are people, and businesses, down there still effected by all that. These places employ hundreds of attorneys that know every little trick in the book. If there is a way out without paying they will find it. They'd rather spend a few million than a few billion.
Doggie: But what if the Jacksons lose?
Dave: They already have. Win or lose they have lost. Say this trial goes on for 9 months, at the end the media will have raised all the usual crap from the 2005 trial, they will have alleged news stories confirming Michael Jackson as drug-riddled junkie, and the kids will have been dragged into court for all of this shit. Like I said nothing good will come of this lawsuit. And let us not forget that Murray has already been convicted.
Doggie: That is going to make a difference?
Dave: Of course it is. Murray has been convicted, the contract was never signed so legally is void, so the whole 'smoking gun' emails that people sent are worthless in a court of law. Doesn't matter what they say. If Murray wasn't legally working for AEG Live then they are merely opinion. And as it goes right now AEG Live have it from evidence in the Murray trial, which the State raised, that the contract had not been signed by Michael. So the whole email thing is a moot point.
Doggie: Scarily enough I see where you are coming from on that.
Dave: The only reason that the Jackson family is going after AEG Live is because they know it is pointless to go after Murray. He's in jail, he has no money, and his chances of employment are slim. He'll more than likely end up flipping burgers at the local McDonalds. Nobody is going to want the doctor that killed Michael Jackson to look after them.
Doggie: OK. But say the hoaxers are right. Say it is all some game.
Dave: Listen to yourself. A game? Look, the hoaxers use the whole "4 years to get it right" speech as some sort of clue. Well, in a couple of months the 4 years will be done. Nobody is coming back to 'BAM'. It was a nice idea, but that is all it was, and all it ever will be. An idea. Things have moved on too far.
Doggie: In what way?
Dave: Well, as Katherine and the kids are listed as plaintiffs in the wrongful death lawsuit you have two choices. They don't know Michael is alive which means he did all this without telling them, and they think he is dead. Or his Mom and kids have committed perjury already, with the depositions, and if AEG Live pay even a penny it is fraud. You can't have it both ways. Everyone needs to move on and let the legacy of Michael be as it is and not allow this ridiculous lawsuit to tarnish it - which it will do, the gutter media will make sure of that.
Doggie: OK. Well that about wraps it up.
Dave: You don't want to know what I have been up to for the past few months?
Doggie: To be honest - not really. I think most people have forgotten you even existed.
Dave: Well then. Next time I have an opinion I'll make sure TMZ get the exclusive.
Doggie: I won't hold my breath waiting to read that.


chris (mjparadox) said...

glad to see dave back! nice interview, too! my first thought hearing about this lawsuit, was how Michael would be dragged thru the mud AGAIN, maybe worse than in the past,if that's even possible. and you're right there will be no winners here. good to see ya back! mjparadox

chris (mjparadox) said...

welcome back h. dave! nice interview too! hearing about this lawsuit saddens me,knowing Michael will be dragged thru the mud AGAIN, maybe worse than in the past if that's possible.glad to see ya back! mjparadox

asia said...

im so entirely sick of the bams day bs.
a lot of people would have figured out that bams day was bs by now? I do believe its possible that Michael could have the pontential to leave his fans clues if the situation or apportunity arised but at this moment he's more then likely hiding in the shadows not really being able to leave clues that he's alive, where ever he is I hope he's okay

My heart and soul is in it said...

Any reasonably savvy person must know that the Jacksons are a hard, radically opportunistic and unscrupulous showbiz family.
It seems to me that for them this lawsuit is a no-lose proposition.
The very least they can expect is a ton of free publicity (and who knows they might actually win this thing…).
Their calculus probably is that they have nothing to lose in terms of further bad publicity, as Michael in the public mind is already understood to be this era's premier showbiz deviant freak. From the Jackson's point of view any outcome from this lawsuit would be better than the status quo ante.


Great to see you alive and kicking Dave ! How could an opinionated and eloquent thief like you ever be forgotten !? ; )
Will you tell us more about your journey to 'Bohemia' ?

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