E-Books Coming Soon

Doggy Productions (aka the person who does this blog and not a real company) will release 2 e-books this year. Both e-books are concerning the Michael Jackson death hoax; well more what has been happening behind the scenes since June 25, 2009.

Although at present there is no confirmed release date for either e-book; details for both are already confirmed.

The first e-book is entitled "Dead: Did A Lack Of Investigating Kill The Hoax?". This will be the first e-book released this year and is written entirely by me. The fact it is written by me alone is why there is no release date set in stone; as I have to fit it in around life, work, and other things.

The premise of the e-book is looking at what has gone wrong in the hoax; and why it is in the state that it is in.

The second e-book is entitled "Inside MJDHI", Which is not being written by me, and will look at MJDHI from the inside - from the point of view of an ex-moderator.

Using clear screenshots, of the forum, chat, and other sources it will provide insight that only someone who was part of it can have. It will chronicle the backstabbing, the lies, and the deception that has taken the forum from an investigative forum to what is considered by many as a mere joke.

I am collaborating on this e-book; adding humorous commentary and assisting with screenshots and information from the forum databases. This e-book release is pretty much out of my hands as far as a date goes as the majority of it is being created by someone else.

Both e-books, when ready, will be available for FREE download, and will be announced, here once they are completed. Also the release of each e-book will be announced on Twitter from the @d0gg1e account.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to read a book about mindless zombies following a desperate mod, whose sole intention is to keep her following. Even if she feels the way to do it is to create other accounts whom nobody can argue with. Nice touch, the adding how she converted from atheism to finding god. Sick how she enjoys being a ball breaker with those who openly refuse to play her head trips.

She's toying with people's minds - it's rather obvious either she's TS, BACK & FRONT, or she has hench people who enjoy imitating them, and getting people to think they're MJ. Real mental illness going on there, to toy with human emotions like that. It's all fun & games, until someone swallows a bullet.

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