Ban Bad Cartoons

Everyone is protesting about something so to jump on that bandwagon I recommend a ban on all the crap cartoons that are festering, and polluting, our TV networks.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against cartoons; just shit cartoons that look like they were drawn by a kindergartner high on acid.

Back in the day I grew up watching cartoons that were well drawn and instantly recognizable as what they were meant to be. But some of the so-called modern cartoons look like an abortion has had some fucked up dialogue added and been videoed to show to the hippies and junkies that are so baked you could show them the old test pattern and they would be happy.

Test Pattern Picture

Some of the worse cartoons on TV right now are: Adventure Time, Gumball, The Problem Solverz, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Flapjack, and Chowder.

Pinocchio (1940)

Adventure Time (2011)

Notice the attention to detail in the Pinocchio screen shot; shadows, light reflection, and actual detail. Notice the simplicity of Adventure Time. 71 years difference and yet the modern cartoon looks like shit compared to the older one.

I'm not saying every cartoon has the budget of Disney but back when Pinocchio was released, 1940, it was all hand-drawn. Now with computer animation they can put shit like Adventure Time out and say that it took time or effort to create. Sorry but the Open Source community are putting better animated films out for free.

Sintel (2010)

Sintel had no budget, no nothing, just the passion and desire of a group of people to put an Open Source animation together. Seems that TV executives are willing to spend money on crap like Adventure Time, and all the other shit cartoons I listed, but not willing to allow quality on their programming schedule. Is this the TV networks way of dumbing down kids to make sure that when they grow up they don't expect any quality TV and will accept a continual stream of reality TV?

But it is not about Open Source being better than commercial cartoons. There are quality cartoons that exist; and are still being made. Take a look at the re-launch of Thundercats:

Thundercats (2011)

And there are others that still hold true to the idea that a cartoon should still look good: Ben 10, Teen Titans, and Young Justice just to name a few. And let us not forget the anime genre that has given us quality like Ghost In The Shell and Cowboy Bebop.

Ghost In The Shell (circa 2005)

So protest with your remote control. When a shit cartoon, that looks like it was drawn on a lunch break, switch channels or turn the TV off. TV executives can only sell advertising if their programmes are being watched; and if no advertiser is willing to advertise on an unwatched cartoon the cartoon will be dropped.


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