Dogs & Traffic

Supposedly some think having a dog involved is good for traffic. Fuck knows where that idea came from. Some dumb, broke, fucker who lives with his Mommy even came on this blog and said it was good for traffic to the Double Dong website.

Bumkolo even suggested Alexa.com to prove that this dog had helped their traffic.

So a quick look at Alexa.com and we find that Bumkolo can't even tell the truth about how much traffic is going to a website:

As can be clearly seen the traffic is dropping. Which raises the question - If the people behind the site cannot even be trusted to tell the truth about traffic (which lets face it isn't that important) can they be trusted in other areas?

It seems to me that a website, which has a forum, which holds the email addresses and passwords of all its members should be a little more trustworthy.

If Bumkolo, Souza, and Mo are going to lie about the little things what other fucking lies have they told in the past, present, and will tell in the future?

Anyone remember Auntie Amy constantly boasting that MJHD.COM traffic was going up and up while in reality it was sliding down like Bumkolo's boyfriends cum dripping down his ugly gullet?

Auntie Amy fucks off, and relaxes at home watching TV, and leaves these three wannabes to take off exactly where she left off. And to top it all off they don't even have Auntie Amy's drama queen style about them.

It is fucking sad, to be honest, that these dumb, ignorant, fuckers think they are so so important in the whole hoax that they have to lie about everything. And worse yet is that they treat their members as stupid because they don't seem to think their members can check on this sort of thing. Way to go to fuck your members over - no wonder site traffic is dropping like flies - If you don't ban them for not agreeing with you then you lie to them and treat them as if they were lower than you three monkeys.

Do not buy into the bullshit at the S&M forum, investigate every little thing they say because as can and has been proven these arrogant cunts will lie at any given opportunity.



Anonymous said...

Conspiracy said: "If you don't ban them for not agreeing with you then you lie to them and treat them as if they were lower than you three monkeys."

So true... And they even have the nerve to act as if they were the victims in this whole mess. It's really disgusting the way they treat their members. They are nothing but attention whores and I pity the fools who still fall for their crap.

Thank you for proving me right, Conspiracy. I knew Dumbkolo was lying. LOL, what a stupid fucker!

3D said...

I am glad to see that you have facts to prove they were lying. Because I could not understand why people continued to go there and new members joined. There are better forums out there for the hoax and th admins/mods treat their members so much better. And why on earth would anyone go to a site that has the endorsement of that dipshit Butkalo. I mean, really people, he sounds like a virgin, no friends, computer nerd, sophmore high school kid that wishes he was a stud. If I was S&M, I would put a muzzle on him immediately. How old are these "girls" as Butkalo calls them anyway?

anonymous 3 said...

No wonder the numbers are going down, soon there will be only 3 (maybe 4) left : Mo + Souza + Badkolo (+ Amy)......
The hate posts they put on their home page will not help, just gives me the feeling I was 'time worped' into the Middle Ages and standing on the market place of the town watching my fellow banned members with their hands and heads in the pillory....woehaha
Or even worse.. standing high upon the stake with the dutchies holding the torches (wearing masks of course)....rofl
Self centered, egotripping dutchies that they are, dissing everyone who wants to put up an argument in an eloquent, sensible and polite way.... thought the world got rid of most totalitarian regimes, at least one was overlooked...haha
Take an educated guess....lmao
Can't believe people are still sucking up to them.. Guess the brains of those members must be of the same size as that of the dutchies...
Wish Albert Einstein was here to quote his quote about infinity...lol

anonymous 3 said...

@3D : you forgot his oh so 'coooool' sunglasses....the man truly thinks he's God's gift to women and I believe Anonymous who posted he was posting all those posts about him being so sexy himself...oops, excuse me throwing up again....aahh feels much better....poor lonely ignorant excuse for a male human being he is...rofl

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3 said: "Can't believe people are still sucking up to them... Guess the brains of those members must be of the same size as that of the dutchies..."

Yeah. Souza & Mo's theories are beyond insane! Do they even stop to think before posting their shit? LOL. Their blog is full of brain farts and what's worse is that they actually seem to believe in what they write AND act as if it's the absolute truth.

The latter is what really pisses me off.

And then they even have the nerve to insult the members who (politely) show their disagreement, calling them "ignorant and lazy". It's ridiculous. I don't know what the hell they are smoking, but it must be some really good shit!

To all those dumb fucks who follow S&M's words as if they were fucking Jesus Christ - here's a great post by mjtruth, about their theories:

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